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Internalizing a Culture of Business Excellence: Perspectives from Quality Professionals


Flevy Lasrado, Norhayati Zakaria
June 01, 2018

Underline by the importance of sustainable quality management practices to contemporary organizations, this edited book complies best practice cases of leaders who have initiated and facilitated quality practices in their organizations. The cases highlight how these best practices manifested in...

Project Management Capability Assessment: Performing ISO 33000-Based Capability Assessments of Project Management


Peter T. Davis, Barry D. Lewis
May 08, 2018

Learn how to perform project management according to international standards of compliance using capability assessment processes. This book compares and contrasts the approach to project management using ISO 21500 against the more direct ISO 33000 Capability Assessment. It shows how to assess...

Managing Complex Construction Projects: A Systems Approach


John K. Briesemeister
May 01, 2018

The book presents a systems-based approach to construction project management that can facilitate a greater understanding of the complexity inherent in large construction projects and how that complexity can be effectively managed. The systems approach permits the onsite construction project...

Strategic Excellence in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industries: How AEC Firms Can Develop and Execute Strategy Using Lean Six Sigma


Gerhard Plenert, Joshua Plenert
April 10, 2018

Strategic Excellence in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industries is a process of applied strategic thinking designed to develop a strategy empowered with the agility to adapt to changing circumstances and to drive a high performing culture of ideal behaviors. It is infused with...

Managing Project Competence: The Lemon and the Loop


Rolf Medina
March 15, 2018

The book presents a framework about how competence can be managed in a knowledge-intensive, project-intensive context. It provides a new view of competence as different dimensions and considers which factors that make competence agile. In addition, it describes competence management in different...

Project Business Management


Oliver F. Lehmann
March 01, 2018

Roughly half of all project managers have to lead customer projects as profit centers on contractor side with two big objectives: making the customer happy and bringing money home. Customer projects are a high-risk business on both sides, customers and contractors, but the dynamics of this business...

The Human Change Management Body of Knowledge (HCMBOK®), Third Edition


Vicente Goncalves, Carla Campos
February 01, 2018

This book presents a unique approach of change management in the language of project and process managers. The first part of this book presents the concept of change management, its players, strategies, and applicable models. The second part addresses the set of good practices, methodology, and...

The Project Workout: The Ultimate Guide to Directing and Managing Business-Led Projects


Robert Buttrick
January 30, 2018

Projects are an important strategic management tool and a way of life in every business. But how do you get started and ensure you realize the benefits you need? Now in its 5th edition, the Project Workout is the definitive book on business-led project management. It is a valuable companion for...

A Holistic Approach to Lessons Learned: How Organizations Can Benefit from Their Own Knowledge


Moria Levy
January 08, 2018

The book presents a holistic approach to organization performance improvements by lessons learned management. Such an approach is required because specific methods, such as debriefing, task management or procedures updates, do not achieve actual improvements. The presented model spans the entire...

Creating a Greater Whole: A Project Manager’s Guide to Becoming a Leader


Susan G. Schwartz
December 22, 2017

Creating a Greater Whole unlocks the not-so-secret secrets of what aspiring managers need to become strong leaders. This information-rich, easy to understand guide offers readers an immediate clear path to honing their leadership skills using the rigor and discipline of project management...

Realizing Strategy through Projects: The Executive's Guide

Carl Marnewick
December 04, 2017

Executives should not necessarily know the intricacies of project management, but they should know how project management, as a discipline, can benefit the organization in implementing its strategies and realizing its vision. The only way that executives can effectively apply project management to...