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The Human Variable in Project Management


Denise Thompson
September 15, 2018

The Human Variable in Project Management is about the understanding and development of a people centered practice. The book explains how to create a project management model based on self-empowering teams, value stream delivery, and efficient progressive development. Combining leadership concepts...

Managing Changes Across Cultures


Risto Gladden
September 01, 2018

Managing change across cultures can be tricky, and universal approaches to change management may not serve their purpose in every cultural setting. This book examines the cultural dimensions that can influence the perceptions of and reactions to change in different cultural contexts and highlights...

The Framework for Innovation: A Guide to the Body of Innovation Knowledge


Frank Voehl, H. James Harrington, Rick Fernandez, Brett Trusko
August 02, 2018

The formalization of innovation is a critical factor in the long-term success of innovation. The Body of Innovation Knowledge (BOIK) being developed by a group of academics, consultants and corporations to address this critical need. This book outlines and discusses the framework (or lifecycle) for...

Agilizing the Enterprise


Joseph Raynus
August 01, 2018

This book blends concepts and their application in a comprehensive and clear presentation of how mastering of visionary leadership, strategic Innovation, managed resilience, and organizational agility improve solution delivery and sustain enterprise performance. This book widens the perspective on...

Systems Engineering for Projects: Achieving Positive Outcomes in a Complex World


Lory Mitchell Wingate
August 01, 2018

This book is a comprehensive, go-to manual on the application of systems engineering processes to projects of all types and complexity. It is based on systems engineering concepts found within the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) Systems Engineering Handbook 4th Edition, and...

The Fundamentals of Developing Operational Solutions for the Government


Chiang H. Ren
July 19, 2018

This book guides professionals on how to use operations research to solve problems and capture opportunities for government customers. The governments of modern democratic nations manage large complex societal operations to offer national defense, social services, infrastructure sustainment, law...

Project Management Capability Assessment: Performing ISO 33000-Based Capability Assessments of Project Management


Peter T. Davis, Barry D. Lewis
July 03, 2018

Learn how to perform project management according to international standards of compliance using capability assessment processes. This book compares and contrasts the approach to project management using ISO 21500 against the more direct ISO 33000 Capability Assessment. It shows how to assess...

Project. Program. Change


Roland Gareis, Lorenz Gareis
July 01, 2018

This book gives managers an integrative approach to project, program, and change management. It describes the differences between change in projects versus programs with case studies in both areas and the different life cycles. While the project and change comprise much of the book, it is up to...

Project Management Lessons Learned: A Continuous Process Improvement Framework


Mel Bost
June 21, 2018

Lessons Learned is an important phase in project management. This is when organizations can pave the way for future project success by documenting mistakes so they are not repeated and recording best practices so they are repeated. This book covers the important role a project management office (...

The Streetwise Subbie, 4th Edition


Barry J Ashmore
June 11, 2018

Very few books explore the problems which are particular to the relationship between Specialist Contractors and the Main Contractor, or Clients with whom they are in contract. Fewer still provide solutions in such a down to earth no-nonsense way as The Streetwise Subbie does. The Streetwise Subbie...

Project Business Management


Oliver F. Lehmann
June 01, 2018

Roughly half of all project managers have to lead customer projects as profit centers on contractor side with two big objectives: making the customer happy and bringing money home. Customer projects are a high-risk business on both sides, customers and contractors, but the dynamics of this business...

Internalizing a Culture of Business Excellence: Perspectives from Quality Professionals


Flevy Lasrado, Norhayati Zakaria
June 01, 2018

Underline by the importance of sustainable quality management practices to contemporary organizations, this edited book complies best practice cases of leaders who have initiated and facilitated quality practices in their organizations. The cases highlight how these best practices manifested in...