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Call Center Savvy: How to Position Your Call Center for the Business Challenges of the 21st Century

1st Edition

Keith Dawson
January 06, 1999

It's not just the technology, the people, or the customers. It's all three, and more: call centers are not just places where calls arrive. They are a strategic business asset, the core of your business's customer relationship strategy. Call Center Savvy is an exploration of how the call center...

Tele-Stress: Relief for Call Center Stress

2nd Edition

Stephen Coscia
January 11, 1998

This book will help telephone professionals to: - Reduce on-the-job telephone stress - Enhance telephone communications skills - Build stronger customer relationships over the telephone - Learn practical, common sense telephone strategies that really work ;...

Predictive Dialing Fundamentals: An Overview of Predictive Dialing Technologies, Their Applications, and Usage Today

1st Edition

Aleksander Szlam, Ken Thatcher
January 03, 1996

Who should read this book? This is a must read if you're a newcomer to predictive dialers and responsible for analyzing, recommending and deploying inbound and outbound call center solutions; or, if you're in the midst of implementing a predictive dialer,...

Warranty Cost Analysis

1st Edition

Wallace Blischke
September 17, 1993

Considers cost and optimization problems from the manufacturer's and the buyer's points of view. The work discusses a variety of warranty policies and the mathematical models for the analysis of related engineering and management issues. All standard consumer product warranties are covered....