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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

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Public Relations Law: A Supplemental Text

L. Marie Parkinson, Michael G. Parkinson
October 31, 2007

This supplemental text on PR law is intended to be used with other mass communication textbooks.  It is intended for the mass communication law course, which is a mainstay in all accredited programs in mass communication, journalism, broadcasting, telecommunications, public relations, mass...

The Call Center Handbook

Keith Dawson
March 30, 2007


The Call Center Handbook: The Complete Guide to Starting, Running, and Improving Your Call Center

Keith Dawson
November 20, 2003

Need to know how to buy a phone switch for your call center? How to measure the productivity of agents? How to choose from two cities that both want your center? No problem. The Call Center Handbook is a complete guide to starting, running, and im...

Managing High-Tech Services Using a CRM Strategy

Donald F. Blumberg
December 23, 2002

As high-tech service industries grow more competitive, the need to develop customer focused business strategies becomes imperative. Managing High-Tech Services Using a CRM Strategy explores how to manage and direct any service organization utilizing a high tech strategy supported by the Customer...

Customer Relationship Management Systems Handbook

Duane E. Sharp
July 19, 2002

The concept of customer relationship management (CRM) has grown from the loosely defined methodology of using customer transactions for developing profiles on customers to the well-defined business process of using sophisticated tools and analytical processes for managing each customer on an...

A Practical Guide to CRM: Building More Profitable Customer Relationships

Janice Reynolds
February 05, 2002

In today's global economy the customer has more and better choices than ever before, bringing on one of the biggest challenges the business community faces today - customer loyalty and retention. To thrive in today's customer-driven economy a company need...

The Complete Guide to Customer Support: How to Turn Technical Assistance Into a Profitable Relationship

Joe Fleischer
January 04, 2002

Today's support operations face greater responsibilities than the help desks of the 1990s. That's because customers expect 24x7 assistance on whatever channel they choose - no matter what type of products and/or services they buy. The Complete Guide t...

The Call Center Dictionary: The Complete Guide to Call Center and Customer Support Technology Solutions

Madeline Bodin
January 03, 2002

Your company needs a call center to be competitive in the 21st century. This book is your guide to the technology, techniques, and trends in today's call centers. The Call Center Dictionary contains all the information you need to: Understand: Your boss,...

A Practical Guide to Call Center Technology: Select the Right Systems for Total Customer Satisfaction

Andrew Waite
January 02, 2002

Get the most out of ACDs (automatic call distributors) and other complex systems in order to boost customer satisfaction and increase sales Includes three ready to use RFPs (request for proposals) for buying an ACD, computer telephony system, or recording...

Compete and Win in Telecom Sales: A Step-by -Step Guide for Successful Selling

Philip Max Kay
February 15, 2001

For anyone ready to launch a successful career in sales for telecom equipment, services and technologies, or for veterans ready to break through to a higher level, this book provides a practical eight-step program for successful selling. The rapidly chang...

Acquiring, Processing, and Deploying: Voice of the Customer

M. Larry Shillito
September 25, 2000

Do you want a better understanding of who your customers are? Do you want to learn how to acquire the customer voice? The next decade will be the decade of the customer. Meeting their wants, needs, and desires better than anyone else will be paramount to your organization's success. Acquiring,...

Customer Service Over the Phone: Techniques and Technology for Handling Customers Over the Phone

Stephen Coscia
January 11, 1999

Exceptional customer service is crucial to a successful phone-based business. Quality service can secure customer loyalty, while poor service can lose it. This concise guide examines every important scenario that a customer service representative is likely to encounter and shows how to best handle...