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Best Team Skills: Fifty Key Skills for Unlimited Team Achievement

Lewis Losoncy
August 15, 1996

Best Team Skills gives you the tools you need to achieve the highest performance through the most productive encouragement and motivational methods available.Dr. Losoncy identifies the 50 skills that will most encourage your team members. Using 100 encouragement opportunity exercises, he works as...

Competition in the 21st Century

Kirk Tyson
June 18, 1996

Business competition will change radically in the next century. Short-sighted companies will go out of business. Survivors will successfully transition from the so-called Information Age of this century to the Intelligence Age of the 21st Century.Ten years in the making, this book paints...

Managing Violence in the Workplace

Thomas K. Capozzoli, R. Steve McVey
May 03, 1996

Managing Violence in the Workplace is a prescription that contains many lists of "do's" and "don'ts" and "how to's" for proactive and reactive responses to workplace violence. The authors have analyzed numerous incidents in the workplace and constructed "how to" guidelines. Be prepared for managing...

Naked Management: Bare Essentials For Motivating The X-Generation At Work

Marc H. Muchnick
April 23, 1996

With highly negative stereotypes circulating about "X'ers," all managers have a clear and justifiable prerogative for reading Naked Management if they want to successfully navigate through what has been dubbed the "X-Crisis." Learn how to overcome worker apathy and management resentment.Naked...

Reengineering the Training Function: How to Align Training With the New Corporate Agenda

Donald Shandler
April 22, 1996

If you have questions about how to meet the demands of the new economy, corporate and organizational agendas, and the changing workplace you will find the answers in this well-written and concise book. Reengineering the Training Function provides a plan of action rich in strategies and tactics,...

Problem Solving For Results

William Roth
April 01, 1996

Turbulence is not new to the business world. In fact, the turbulence is increasing and managers are seeing teams spinning their wheels. But now there is a book that addresses these realities-Problem Solving for Results.Management systems are in a state of crisis and operations are more complex. The...

Trash to Cash: How Businesses Can Save Money and Increase Profits

Fran Berman
March 27, 1996

If your company wants to save money currently spent on waste hauling, disposal, and clean-up costs, while protecting the environment, this is the book for you. Let Trash to Cash serve as your implementation guide to an effective, on-going corporate paper recycling and waste reduction program.Berman...

Reasonable Accommodation: Profitable Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act

Jay W. Spechler
January 23, 1996

Reasonable accommodation is defined as any change in the work environment or in the way business is usually conducted that results in equal employment opportunity for an individual with a disability. With the Americans with Disabilities Act in full swing and more than 35,000 court cases on record,...

Leadership By Encouragement

Don Dinkmeyer, Daniel Eckstein
December 20, 1995

Leaders expecting to survive the challenges and associated stress of building their own skill levels have a new tool at their disposal. Leadership by Encouragement is a unique and powerful psychology that will enable you to build an "encouragematic" atmosphere while training leaders to lead.Written...

Skills of Encouragement: Bringing Out the Best in Yourself and Others

Don Dinkmeyer, Lewis Losoncy
November 15, 1995

Most of us believe that every event has a cause and effect. We often feel there is someone or something we can put the blame onto besides ourselves. We may blame everyone from our parents to our bosses. Discouragement and unhappiness are ways of life for many of us.Now there is a book that...

Mastering the Diversity Challenge: Easy On-the-Job Applications for Measurable Results

Fern Lebo
September 01, 1995

This easy-to-use guidebook goes beyond the basic requirements for mastering the diversity challenge. It not only provides practical, step-by-step guidelines and answers, but gives important reasons as to why managing diversity is good for overall business. Designed for quick and easy access to...