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The Quality Improvement Handbook: Team Guide to Tools and Techniques

Roger Swanson
May 01, 1995

This valuable new book provides quality improvement teams, and their leaders, with a comprehensive set of tools and techniques to solve problems and improve processes in their organizations. The book offers experienced teams instruction on more advanced, less frequently used tools as well as...

Total Quality in Managing Human Resources

Diana Furr, Joe Petrick
May 01, 1995

Human resource management is a particularly challenging role, both domestically and globally. This challenge can be viewed either as an opportunity or as a threat. As an opportunity, the principles and practices of total quality presented in this book can help human resource professionals or anyone...

Teams in Education: Creating an Integrated Approach

Jerry Arcaro
April 01, 1995

Easy to use and understand, Teams in Educa-tion: Creating An Integrated Approach is a tool for education professionals who need or want to develop cross-functional or departmental teams in education. This new handbook was specifically designed to provide education professionals with a practical,...

Attribution Theory: An Organizational Perspective

Mark Martinko
February 28, 1995

With Special Contributions from Bernard Weiner Ph.D. (UCLA) and Robert Lord Ph.D. (Univ. of Akron)Attribution theory is concerned with peoples causal explanation for outcomes: successes and failures. The basic premise is that beliefs about outcomes are a primary determinant of expectations and,...

Deming The Way We Knew Him

Frank Voehl
February 28, 1995

Perhaps no other person in the history of modern business has so profoundly affected the methods of quality improvement in industry than W. Edwards Deming. The subject of many books, articles, and television documentaries, Dr. Deming has become the world-recognized leader of the quality movement in...

Competitive Global Management - Principles and Strategies

Abbass Alkhafaji
November 01, 1994

Each chapter in Competitive Global Management: Principles and Strategies lists important objectives to be learned. The latest management research explains strategies of multinational corporations. A real-life case study helps the reader comprehend the importance of the issues discussed. The book...

Total Quality Management for Custodial Operations: A Guide to Understanding and Applying the Key Elements of Total Quality Management

November 01, 1994

This book examines Total Quality Management for the building cleaning maintenance industry. It demonstrates how to motivate employees to improve the quality of your service. Total Quality Management for Custodial Operations focuses on the customer and applies a methodology used successfully by...

Team Building: A Structured Learning Approach

Peter Mears, Frank Voehl
August 01, 1994

Team Building: A Structured Learning Approach provides a thorough understanding of team building concepts; what it means to be a member of a team, empowerment, and how teams contribute to continuous quality improvement.Your students will apply these concepts in various exercises throughout the book...

Focused Quality: Managing for Results

Paul Murphy
August 01, 1994

Focused Quality: Managing for Results is a book about using quality improvement as a means to enhance bottom line results. Written for managers in industry, services, healthcare and government, this important new book provides a focused approach on how to target critical improvement initiatives and...

The Evolution of Management Theory: Past, Present, Future

William Roth
January 01, 1994

This is a fascinating investigation of the history of management theory in terms of four interdependent, history-shaping forces: (1) socioeconomic thinking; (2) technological development; (3) organizational size; and (4) marketplace pressures. The book shows not only how management has become as...

Fitness For Work: The Role Of Physical Demands Analysis And Physical Capacity Assessment

T. M. Fraser
August 10, 1992

Offers an occupational ergonomic analysis of medical selection procedures for disabled and able-bodied labour-market entrants. The book re-examines the concept of fitness for work and emphasizes humanitarian and legislative factors....

How to be a Manager: A Practical Guide to Tips and Techniques

Robert W. Gallant
April 15, 1991

How to be a Manager: A Practical Guide to Tips and Techniques is a useful book designed to show you how to develop your managerial understanding and skills at whatever job level you presently hold. Written by an experienced top-level manager, this fast-paced guide teaches you how to excel at your...