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Today! Grab It: 7 Vital Attitude Nutrients to Build the New You

1st Edition

Lewis Losoncy
November 25, 1997

A healthy attitude is the key to success, happiness, and growth. Just as nutrients in foods result in a healthy body, New Attitude Nutrients result in a healthy mind. Today! Grab It: 7 Vital Attitude Nutrients to Build the New You will show you how to bring about the changes you've been meaning to...

Management Golf: What's Your Handicap?

1st Edition

Michael J. Kami, William F. Martz
November 13, 1997

Do you believe in action-oriented planning, the speedy execution of ideas and realistic goal-setting in business management? So do the authors of this book-and that's why they've developed this fun, innovative evaluation tool that any business can use to assess its own operations and identify weak...

CEO Pay and Shareholder Value: Helping the U.S. Win the Global Economic War

1st Edition

Ira T. Kay
November 11, 1997

U.S. executive pay, particularly that of CEOs, has been under serious attack for nearly a decade. Despite the fact that tying executive performance and pay to stock price has appeared to have substantially benefited the U.S. economy, this criticism has not subsided. CEO Pay and Shareholder Value...

Total Productivity Management (TPmgt): A Systemic and Quantitative Approach to Compete in Quality, Price and Time

1st Edition

David J. Sumanth
October 27, 1997

Poised to influence innovative management thinking into the 21st century, Total Productivity Management (TPmgt), written by one of the pioneers of productivity management, has been a decade in the making.This landmark publication is the most extensive book available on the subject of total...

Making Common Sense Common Practice: Achieving High Performance Using What You Already Know

1st Edition

Victor R. Buzzotta
September 26, 1997

The business world today is full of buzzwords such as empowerment, teamwork, and continuous improvement. In a desperate attempt to get a jump on the competition, many business leaders are so busy searching for the "next big idea" that something important is being overlooked-common sense! Making...

The Sky is Not the Limit: Breakthrough Leadership

1st Edition

Robert Barthelemy
May 14, 1997

What exactly is "breakthrough leadership"? Quite simply, it's an approach to performance aimed at transcending limitations and maximizing team potential. As the author points out, the process of innovation and high performance is not random or haphazard. The limitations and barriers that commonly...

The High Cost of Low Morale...and what to do about it

1st Edition

Carol Hacker
April 03, 1997

While the morale of an organization is an intangible element composed of feelings and attitudes of individuals and groups, the effects of morale include tangible and extremely important factors such as profits, efficiency, quality, and productivity. Low morale and its costliest indicator, high...

The EU Directive Handbook: Understanding the European Union Compliance Process and What it Means to You

1st Edition

Allen R. Bailey
March 06, 1997

The key to the global market in the twenty-first century will be understanding the European Union Directives. Over 43 countries worldwide have already made the EU Directives law. By the year 2000, one-third of all countries will probably be using the EU Directives to determine compliance for...

Reengineering Performance Management Breakthroughs in Achieving Strategy Through People

1st Edition

Tracey Weiss
March 06, 1997

Looking for the ultimate book to help reengineer the way your company manages performance? Here is a major work that lays the groundwork for successful change at virtually every step in maximizing individual, team and organizational effectiveness. It is ideal for any manager responsible for...

Real Dream Teams: Seven Practices Used by World-Class Team Leaders to Achieve Extraordinary Results

1st Edition

Robert Fisher, Bo Thomas
December 26, 1996

Want to achieve spectacular success in your personal and business life? Looking for ways to mold and capture superior teamwork, cohesion, and bone-deep dedication? Put Real Dream Teams on your list of must reads.From the headlines used to describe groups such as the 1992 U.S. Olympic basketball...

Best Team Skills: Fifty Key Skills for Unlimited Team Achievement

1st Edition

Lewis Losoncy
August 15, 1996

Best Team Skills gives you the tools you need to achieve the highest performance through the most productive encouragement and motivational methods available.Dr. Losoncy identifies the 50 skills that will most encourage your team members. Using 100 encouragement opportunity exercises, he works as...

Competition in the 21st Century

1st Edition

Kirk Tyson
June 18, 1996

Business competition will change radically in the next century. Short-sighted companies will go out of business. Survivors will successfully transition from the so-called Information Age of this century to the Intelligence Age of the 21st Century.Ten years in the making, this book paints...