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Outsourcing: A CIO's Perspective

Oakie D. Williams
April 13, 1998

As global competition grows more fierce, companies continue to look for ways to increase their competitive edge without jeopardizing profit margins. Today's corporations are starting to realize the competitive advantage that Information Technology (IT) can bring to a company. These corporations are...

The Human Side of Intranets: Content, Style, and Politics

Jerry W. Koehler, Thom Dupper, Marvin D. Scaff, Fred Reitberger, Patti Paxson
October 27, 1997

Intranets have changed the way organizations around the world communicate. Many business people are intimidated by this technological revolution-but they need not be! The Human Side of Intranets guides you through the daunting task of transforming communication within your business. This book is...

Data Management Systems: Evolution and Interoperation

Bhavani Thuraisingham
May 19, 1997

As the information contained in databases has become a critical resource in organizations, efficient access to that information and the ability to share it among different users and across different systems has become an urgent need. The interoperability of heterogeneous database systems-literally,...

Systems Management: People, Computers, Machines, Materials

Joseph C. Hassab
April 01, 1997

In this revolutionary age of information systems, this book offers a unified approach to systems management that triggers greater speed of action and increases flexibility and productivity. The book presents system processes joined to computer technology for innovative management of resources for...

Total Quality In Information Systems And Technology

Jack Woodall
June 18, 1996

Breaking tradition in describing Information Technology (IT), also known as Information Systems (IS), this book sets its sights on educating business and technical personnel at all levels on how to bridge the communication and quality gap between their respective areas. Taking action before...

Information Brokers: Case Studies of Successful Ventures

Alice J H Johnson
March 20, 1995

The perfect guide to jumpstart an information brokerage firm!Here is an instructive guide for any librarian planning to start an information brokerage, whether as an entrepreneur or as a member of a document delivery group in a library. The methods used by successful firms and librarians are...

How to Utilize New Information Technology in the Global Marketplace: A Basic Guide

Erdener Kaynak, Fahri Karakaya
December 21, 1994

How to Utilize New Information Technology in the Global Marketplace is an excellent training tool for business executives who wish to increase their skills in the field of international business. Readers will learn how to use international databases to search new markets or find information on...