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What Is Visible Learning?

Posted on: February 13, 2020

The principles of Visible Learning will work to improve educational outcomes for children of any age, in any classroom, anywhere in the world. It explains the most significant evidence-based ideas about what actually works in schools and is the culmination of over 30 years work, synthesizing over 50,000 studies involving more than 100 million students globally.

It is for every practising teacher, school administrator, and education researcher. 

How does visible learning benefit teachers?

It enables teachers to see the effects of what they do in the classroom so that they can increase their impact and make a real difference to their students. Visible Teaching and Learning occurs when teachers see learning through the eyes of students and help them become their own teachers.

How does visible learning benefit school leaders?

It helps school leaders to improve performance across their school by empowering their teachers to take an enhanced role so that they become evaluators of their own teaching.  

What is the Visible Learning Series?

Based on over 30 years of research, this evidence-based series of 13 books provides complete coverage of all facets of visible learning. When the original Visible Learning research was first published in November 2008, it represented the culmination of 20 years work for John Hattie and became an instant bestseller. Douglas Reeves, the founder of the Leadership and Learning Center in the USA, described it as “the most important contribution to educational research and practice in decades." Since then, John has partnered with other experts to explain how Visible Learning can best be applied in the classroom and how it can shape learning in other environments. They represent an amazing journey, but there is still much to do!


1 Million Copies Sold Worldwide

These books have had an impact on educational research, teaching, and teacher training unparalleled in academic publishing. Combined they have now sold A MILLION COPIES and have been translated into 22 languages including Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and Hebrew.

They have received acclaim from teachers, educators, and education commentators. The Times Educational Supplement in the UK described John Hattie’s research as “ Revealing teaching’s Holy Grail” and it was and continues to be, the most definitive evidence-based study ever into what works in our classrooms to improve learning.

Education research suffers from an embarrassment of riches—there’s too much of it! John Hattie has been a resolute leader in summarizing this wealth of information into practical terms that are digestible yet reliably capture the essence of the literature. Better still, they translate readily to classroom practice! Hattie’s success and influence are richly deserved.

Dan Willingham: Professor of Psychology, University of West Virginia

I’m not sure John knows his own impact - I can’t think of anyone in education on this planet with a higher effect size. We, teachers, needed a sieve to sort the research that helps teachers make a difference, from the research that doesn’t. John provided it and now we all know how to increase our own impact. Thank you John!

Geoff Petty: Author of ‘Teaching Today’ and ‘Evidence-Based Teaching’


Published October 2019

Teaching resources for schoolsVisible Learning Guide to Student Achievement

Visible Learning Guide to Student Achievement critically examines the major influences shaping student achievement today. As educators throughout the world seek to enhance learning, the information contained in this book provides practitioners and policymakers with relevant material and research-based instructional strategies that can be readily applied in classrooms and schools to maximize achievement. 

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Teaching resources for schools

Visible Learning Insights

Visible Learning Insights presents a fascinating ‘inside view’ of the ground-breaking research of John Hattie. Together, the authors John Hattie and Klaus Zierer embark on a mission to build on the internationally renowned work and combine the power and authority of the research with the real ‘coal face’ experience of schools.

Offering a concise introduction into the ‘Visible Learning Story’, the book provides busy teachers with a guide to why Visible Learning research is so vital and the difference it can make to learning outcomes.

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Teaching resources for schoolsVisible Learning Feedback

Feedback is arguably the most critical and powerful aspect of teaching and learning. Yet, there remains a paradox: why is feedback so powerful, and why is it so variable? It is this paradox which Visible Learning: Feedback aims to unravel and resolve.

Combining research excellence, theory, and vast teaching expertise, this book covers the principles and practicalities of feedback.

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