Biomedical Science

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Brucellosis: Clinical and Laboratory Aspects

1st Edition

Edward J. Young, Michael J. Corbel
May 31, 1989

Fourteen brucellosis experts from seven countries discuss the history, epidemiology, microbiology, immunology, diagnosis, treatment, and control of brucellosis in animals and man. Edited by members of the World Health Organization's Expert Committee on Brucellosis, this text is the first...

Ultrasound and Infertility

1st Edition

Asim Kurjak
April 30, 1989

A comprehensive survey of the use of ultrasound in management of infertile patients is presented in this publication. Particular atten-tion is given to recently developed techniques such as assessment of endometrial changes, ovarian blood flow measurements, and per-cutaneous oocyte retrieval for in...

Nickel and the Skin: Immunology and Toxicology

1st Edition

Howard I. Maibach, Torkil Menne
April 30, 1989

This publication serves as a guide to medical doctors and dentists in the evaluation and management of problems related to nickel allergy. The chemistry, analysis, and monitoring of nickel is explored. Recent advances in the immunology of nickel are dis-cussed. Additionally, sensitization assays...

Biology of Sleep Substances

1st Edition

Shojiro Inoue
March 31, 1989

All aspects of sleep sciences are included in this excellent resource text, with special reference to sleep substances and sleep modulators. The historical development of the theories of sleep are reviewed in conjunction with the technical problems. All candidate substances are overviewed as to...

Genetic Engineering Fundamentals: An Introduction to Principles and Applications

1st Edition

John Kammermeyer
March 31, 1989

This important reference/text provides technologists with the basic informationnecessary to interact scientifically with molecular biologists and get involved in scalinguplaboratory procedures and designing and constructing commercial plants.Requiring no previous training or experience in biology,...

Xenobiotic Metabolism and Disposition: The Design of Studies on Novel Compounds

1st Edition

Harry P.A. Illing
February 28, 1989

This publication explains the principles of the techniques used in disposition and metabolism studies in animals, in man, and in vitro. It includes methods for studying routes and rates of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of novel compounds and their metabolites. Relevant...

Current Research

1st Edition

December 19, 1988


Acute Toxicology Testing: Perspectives and Horizons

1st Edition

Shayne C. Gad, Christopher P. Chengelis
December 15, 1988

Acute toxicology testing constitutes the first line of defense against potentially dangerous chemicals. This book provides a detailed presentation of protocols for each of the common designs, reviews their development and objectives, discusses the types of data they generate, and examines the...

Immunohistology in Diagnostic Pathology

1st Edition

J. Charles Jennette
November 30, 1988

The advantages and disadvantages of each immunostaining technique are discussed in this informative and useful text. Immunofluorescence and immunoenzyme staining procedures, including acquisition of reagents, tissue preparation, quality control and methodological trouble shooting, are highlighted....

Sensitization in the Nervous System

1st Edition

Charles D. Barnes
October 15, 1988

Sensitization is a concept of learning and memory that has grown out of experiments on "simple" animals. Interest in sensitization has grown tremendously in the last several years, fueled mainly by evidence of the molecular basis of sensitization in invertebrates on the one hand and the study of...

CRC Handbook of Animal Models for the Rheumatic Diseases, Volume I

1st Edition

Robert A. Greenwald, Herbert S. Diamond
September 30, 1988

Detailed methods of the most widely used and best established animal models and related approaches to the study of rheumatic diseases and their treatment are presented in this major reference book. The detailed description of each model allows the reader to select the model most appropriate for...

Epidemiology of Human Reproduction

1st Edition

Bengt Kallen
September 30, 1988

This comprehensive overview covering the field of reproductive epidemiology examines the impact of environmental factors related to embryonic and fetal development. Innovative techniques are highlighted, illustrating special problems related to reproductive epidemiology. Specific environmental...