Biomedical Science

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Chemical Contaminants in Human Milk

1st Edition

Allan Astrup Jensen, Stuart A. Slorach
November 20, 1990

Chemical Contaminants in Human Milk contains a comprehensive, up-to-date global review of the contamination of human milk with environmental and occupational chemicals. The book covers many different aspects of this problem, including the extent and benefits of breast-feeding, the transfer of...

Ciguatera Seafood Toxins

1st Edition

Donald M. Miller
October 24, 1990

Ciguatera poisoning is a worldwide problem whose impact has serious health and economic ramifications. Ciguatera Seafood Toxins provides an introduction and technical reference for this syndrome, covering topics such as medical approaches to treatment, legal avenues for those who become poisoned,...

Inflammatory Cells and Mediators in Bronchial Asthma

1st Edition

Devendra K. Agrawal, Robert G. Townley
October 24, 1990

Inflammatory Cells and Mediators in Bronchial Asthma provides reviews and summaries regarding state-of-the-art articles that examine the role of various inflammatory cells and their mediators in the pathogenesis of asthma. Topics include pharmacological and biochemical regulation of the airways;...

Autoimmune Diseases of the Endocrine System

1st Edition

Robert Volpe'
October 05, 1990

This book is a comprehensive, easy-to-read discussion of the organ-specific autoimmune endocrine diseases emphasizing new contributions and trends for research and management. It begins with a brief chapter introducing the general principles of immunology, followed by discussions covering topics...

Molecular Description of Biological Membrane Components by Computer Aided Conformational Analysis, Volume II

1st Edition

Robert Brasseur
September 25, 1990

The goal of these two volumes is to help fill the gap between theory and experiment in membrane science. This is the only work available today which covers the domain of computer-aided conformational analyses of membranes. Written in a detailed, yet comprehensive manner, this book uses the...

Biological Feedback

1st Edition

Rene Thomas, Richard D'Ari
September 25, 1990

Clearly explaining the logical analysis of biological control phenomena, Biological Feedback answers questions concerning everything from regulation to logic. This rare monograph presents a formal methodology for analyzing the dynamic behavior of complex systems. The easy-to-read text describes a...

Alzheimer's Disease: Current Research In Early Diagnosis

1st Edition

Robert Becker
September 19, 1990


Early Phase Drug Evaluation in Man

1st Edition

September 05, 1990

Early Phase Drug Evaluation in Man is a comprehensive, practical guide that covers pre-clinical information relevant to early human studies, including pharmaceutical, metabolic, toxicological, and regulatory aspects, as well as the general considerations relevant to all early human studies. Each...

Fundamentals of Protein Biotechnology

1st Edition

August 31, 1990

Fills a gap between the existing studies of proteins, which tend to be highly technical and geared toward the practicing protein chemist, and biochemistry textbooks, which focus on general principles. Scientists cover a dozen topics by presenting fundamental principles, an overview, and the practica...

Transfer RNAs and Other Soluble RNAs

1st Edition

Joseph D. Cherayil
August 29, 1990

This fascinating book discusses various methods that have been used from early times to the present for the isolation and characterization of total tRNA, specific tRNAs, and small molecular weight RNAs. Filled with tables and figures, it presents comparative methods and provides an overview of the...

Health Research Design and Methodology

1st Edition

Eucharia E. Nnadi-Okolo
August 27, 1990


Acquired Neurological Speech/Language Disorders In Childhood

1st Edition

Bruce E Murdoch
July 26, 1990

The long-held belief that acquired aphasia in children is primarily of the non-fluent type has been challenged in recent years. This book discusses language problems arising from cerebro-vascular accidents occurring in childhood, and from other...