Biomedical Science

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Drugs and the Delivery of Oxygen to Tissues

J. Stuart Fleming
December 31, 1989

This rare and unique work consists of a broad overview of hyperviscosity, blood cell deformability, and platelet aggregation. These topics are written in combination with a comprehensive review of drugs bring developed to treat impaired oxygen delivery to tissue. It devotes much attention to the...

Aflatoxins & Human Health

Ivana Dvorackova
December 21, 1989

This up-to-date reference includes the most recent available data and detailed case studies concerning the potential health risks of aflatoxin in the human population. It covers everything from acute toxic effects of aflatoxin in men to original observations concerning occupational health hazards...

Bioadhesive Drug Delivery Systems

Vincent M. Lenaerts, Robert Gurny
November 30, 1989

This comprehensively written text covers, in-depth, all aspects of bioadhesive systems. Bioadhesive systems are presently playing a major role in the field because of their ability to maintain a dosage form at a precise body-site for a prolonged period of time over which the active principle is...

Topical Drug Delivery Formulations

David W. Osborne, Anton H. Amann
November 27, 1989


Computer Control of Fermentation Processes

Daniel R. Omstead
October 31, 1989

The purpose of this volume is to describe the components, assembly, and implementation of computer-based process control systems. Presented in two sections, it illustrates how such systems have been used to monitor and control industrial fermentation processes as a means to improve our...


Thomas Rogers
October 15, 1989

Our understanding of the intricate nature of the immune response on both a cellular and molecular level has both contributed to and benefited from the work of immunopharmacologists. An increasing number of immunologists have become interested in agents which exert selective effects on the immune...

Demography and Vector-Borne Diseases

Michael W. Service
September 30, 1989

An in-depth overview on the demo-graphic changes occurring world-wide and the repercussions this is having on the pattern of vector-borne disease is pre-sented in this book. Internationally recognized scientists, epidemiologists, entomologists, parasitologists, and ecologists are contributing...

Toxicants of Plant Origin: Alkaloids, Volume I

Peter R. Cheeke
August 31, 1989

This comprehensive treatise offers an in-depth discussion of natural toxicants in plants, emphasizing their effects as defenses against herbivory. Coevolution of plants and her-bivores are covered with a detailed treatment of toxicant metabolism and systemic effects in mammalian tissues....

Antithrombotic Drugs in Thrombosis Models

Josef Hladovec
August 31, 1989

Antithrombotic Drugs in Thrombosis Models presents a critical review of the use of thrombosis models and an original, highly sensitive methodology for testing antithrombotics based on a more adequate understanding of thrombotic processes. The methods form an integrated system stressing particularly...

Neural Mechanisms in Taste

Robert H. Cagan
August 31, 1989

The purpose of NEURAL MECHANISM in TASTE is to emphasize physiological principles and reveal new insights of this most recent research. This book is aimed to reach scientists within the broad area of neurophysiology as well as those in other disciplines who have interests in sensory mechanisms. The...


Stanley Edlavitch
August 01, 1989

This volume is comprised of papers presented at the Third International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology, held September 9-11, 1987, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The book is divided into four sections, which reflect the four themes of the conference: Social Impact of Pharmacoepidemiology; Drug...

The Characteristics Of Aphasia

Chris Code
July 31, 1989

A survey of the main behavioural characteristics or symptoms of aphasia, which presents a series of essays on the history and current developments in this field of neuropsychological research. Contributors discuss recovery, rehabilitation and other contemporary issues....