Biomedical Science

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Handbook of Natural Toxins: Reptile Venoms and Toxins

1st Edition

Anthony Tu
February 28, 1991

In 24 contributed chapters, 37 international specialists describe the latest developments in research on snake venom including different types of venoms and toxins, actions, antidotes, and applications and summarize what is known to date on Gila monster and frog toxins. Some 70 tables provide essent...

Early Parenting and Later Child Achievement

1st Edition

Arnold Honig
February 04, 1991


Bioinstrumentation and Biosensors

1st Edition

Donald L. Wise
January 31, 1991

This reference text consists of contributed chapters by specialists directly carrying out research and development in this emerging field which joins advanced microelectronics with modern biotechnology. Chapters present novel biotechnology-based microelectronic instruments, such as those used for de...

Basic Bioreactor Design

1st Edition

Klaas van't Riet, Johannes Tramper
January 07, 1991

Based on a graduate course in biochemical engineering, provides the basic knowledge needed for the efficient design of bioreactors and the relevant principles and data for practical process engineering, with an emphasis on enzyme reactors and aerated reactors for microorganisms. Includes exercises,...

Biosynthesis and Biodegradation of Cellulose

1st Edition

Candace H. Haigler
December 20, 1990

A gathering of articles bringing together knowledge of both the synthesis and degradation of a pervasive biological substance, cellulose. Topics include native cellulose; particle rosettes and terminal globules; microfibril biogenesis; synthesis in Acetobacter xylinum ; biodegradation measurement; e...

Modern Methods of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Second Edition, Volume II

2nd Edition

Roger E. Schirmer
December 19, 1990


Toxicological Study of Pesticides in Animals

1st Edition

T.S.S. Dikshith
December 19, 1990

This book discusses studies that have been conducted on various animal species. The book reviews the effects of pesticides through changes in behavior, the nature of morphological and biochemical lesions, as well as the tracking of the metabolic disposition of pesticides in target sites of an...

Extractive Bioconversions

1st Edition

B. Mattiasson
November 30, 1990

Contributors from European and US universities and corporations review recent developments in the integration of downstream processing and bioconversion, describing their experience with many separation technologies, including some still in the experimental stage. The topics include the construction...

Practical Statistics for Medical Research

1st Edition

Douglas G. Altman
November 22, 1990

Most medical researchers, whether clinical or non-clinical, receive some background in statistics as undergraduates. However, it is most often brief, a long time ago, and largely forgotten by the time it is needed. Furthermore, many introductory texts fall short of adequately explaining the...

Polymers for Controlled Drug Delivery

1st Edition

Peter J. Tarcha
November 21, 1990

Polymers for Controlled Drug Delivery addresses the challenges of designing macromolecules that deliver therapeutic agents that function safely and in concert with living organisms. The book primarily discusses classes of polymers and polymeric vehicles, including particulates, such as latexes,...

Avian Cellular Immunology

1st Edition

Jagdev M. Sharma
November 21, 1990

Knowledge regarding avian cellular immunity has expanded rapidly within the last few years and new information continues to accumulate. It is now a well-established fact that cell-mediated immunity plays a major role in the defense against neoplastic and non-neoplastic diseases in chickens. The...

Naturally Occurring Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids

1st Edition

Dr. Abdel-Fatta Rizk
November 20, 1990

Plants containing pyrrolizidine alkaloids are so numerous and widespread that they can be expected to be present in most environments. About 200 pyrrolizidine alkaloids have been isolated and identified from different plants. Interest in these alkaloids has increased in recent years due to their...