Biomedical Science

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Handbook of Natural Toxins: Food Poisoning

1st Edition

Anthony Tu
June 11, 1992

This resource discusses all aspects of food poisoning and its sources such as bacteria, plant, and fungus - presenting the pathogens and food toxins in detail.;Featuring contributions from over 30 leading authorities in the field, Food Poisoning ...: describes bacterial food contaminants including...

Alcohol and Cancer

1st Edition

Ronald R. Watson
May 22, 1992

Alcohol clearly plays key roles in the promotion of cancers initiated by carcinogens. Thus, it is a major cause or significant contributing factor to many cancers. Ethanol affects the metabolism of anticancer drugs. It significantly contributes to viral hepatitis and liver cancer. In addition it...

Structuring Biological Systems: A Computer Modeling Approach

1st Edition

S. Sitharama Iyengar
April 30, 1992

Structuring Biological Systems focuses on the important components of biological systems in order to develop genetic algorithms for modeling purposes. The book considers the characteristics of biological systems from the artificial intelligence point of view, examines modeling examples of complex...

Lymphatic Transport of Drugs

1st Edition

William N. Charman, Valentino J. Stella
April 22, 1992

Lymphatic Transport of Drugs provides a thorough review of the determinants that affect the uptake and delivery of drugs and xenobiotics to the lymphatics. Factors affecting the transport and delivery of lipophilic drugs through the lymph after oral administration, lymphatic transport of polar...

Noble Metals and Biological Systems: Their Role in Medicine, Mineral Exploration, and the Environment

1st Edition

Robert R. Brooks
April 06, 1992

Noble Metals and Biological Systems examines the relationship between noble metals (gold, silver, and platinum group metals) and biological systems. The book is divided into three parts.Part 1 is concerned with the analytical chemistry of noble metals and includes a description of the latest...

Advances in Combustion Toxicology, Volume III

1st Edition

Gordon E. Hartzell
March 18, 1992


Immunosuppression by Progesterone in Pregnancy

1st Edition

Julia Szekeres-Bartho
March 18, 1992

Immunosuppression by Progesterone in Pregnancy describes a newly discovered feto-protective mechanism resulting from the interaction of the immune and endocrine systems. As a response to antigenic stimulation by the fetus, lymphocytes of pregnant women develop non-classical progesterone receptors....

Szycher's Dictionary of Biomaterials and Medical Devices

1st Edition

Michael Szycher
February 23, 1992

This dictionary contains thousands of definitions from various related disciplines and minimizes the need for several dictionaries. The book defines everything from AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) to zymogen (proenzyme). The editor, an internationally recognized...

Autonomic Neuroeffector Mechanisms

1st Edition

Geoffrey Burnstock
February 12, 1992


Addiction Controversies

1st Edition

David M. Warburton
January 28, 1992


Biosensors: Microelectrochemical Devices

1st Edition

M Lambrechts, W Sansen
January 01, 1992

Biosensors are analytical devices that combine a biologically sensitive element with a physical or chemical transducer to selectively and quantitatively detect the presence of specific compounds. Balancing basics, principles, and case studies, Biosensors: Microelectrochemical Devices covers the...

Arithmetical Word Problem Solving After Frontal Lobe Damage

1st Edition

L. Fasotti
January 01, 1992

Patients with frontal brain lesions show a striking disorder in arithmetical word problem solving; they tend to give impulsive responses, skipping one or more of the essential solution steps. The research presented here along with its implications for treatment was conducted by the Dutch Institute f...