Biomedical Science

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Post-translational Modifications of Proteins

John J. Harding, M. James C. Crabbe
December 13, 1991

Post-Translational Modifications of Proteins discusses several important topics of interest to researchers and students in protein chemistry and biochemistry, including the occurrence and function of hydroxylated residues and the three enzymes required for their formation; the damaging effects of...

DNA Profiling

Simon Easteal, Neil McLeod, Ken Reed
November 25, 1991


Ay's Neuroanatomy of C. Elegans for Computation

Theodore B. Achacoso, William S. Yamamoto
November 22, 1991

AY's Neuroanatomy of C. elegans for Computation provides the neural circuitry database of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, both in printed form and in ASCII files on 5.25-inch diskettes (for use on IBM® and compatible personal computers, Macintosh® computers, and higher level machines). Tables...

Cocaine: Pharamacology, Physiology, and Clinical Strategies

Matthew P. Galloway, Francis J. White
October 29, 1991

This book brings together for the first time state-of-the-art research from both the basic sciences and the clinical fields to present an in-depth discussion of the numerous effects of cocaine. The issues discussed include metabolism and distribution of cocaine, behavioral and electrophysiological...

Principles of Cardiac Toxicology

Steven I. Baskin
September 23, 1991

What chemicals are poisonous to the heart and why are they toxic?Find out by reading Principles of Cardiac Toxicology. Certain chemicals can produce toxicity by interacting with elements of the cardiovascular system. This book presents the anatomical, physiological, biochemical, and pathological...

Brain-gut Peptides and Reproductive Function

Charles D. Barnes, Craig Johnston
September 20, 1991


Dermal and Ocular Toxicology: Fundamentals and Methods

September 06, 1991

Dermal and Ocular Toxicology: Fundamentals and Methods is a procedurally-oriented volume of detailed methods and practical examples discussing the dermal and ocular aspects of toxicology. The book is divided into a dermal section and an ocular section. Each section begins with a chapter on the...

Biosensor Principles and Applications

August 30, 1991

Considers a new generation of sensors for use in industrial processes, which measure the chemical environment directly by means of a biological agent mainly enzymes so far. Various specialists from Europe, the US, and Japan identify the device's place in their disciplines; review the principles of m...

Systemic Autoimmunity

P. E. Bigazzi
August 30, 1991

Surveys the biotechnologically influenced advances in the understanding of systemic autoimmune disorders, highlighting recent research using cell biology and biochemistry, the cloning of immune cells, recombinant DNA, and molecular genetics. Among the topics are the role of complement in inflammatio...

Metallothionein in Biology and Medicine

Curtis D. Klaassen
August 27, 1991

This book brings together work from leading researchers to present the most recent advances in research on metallothionein. This protein interests toxicologists because it is thought that metallothionein protects against metal toxicity and possibly against oxidative stress. It is of interest to...

Nutrition, Toxicity, and Cancer

Ian R. Rowland
August 26, 1991

Nutrition, Toxicity, and Cancer provides practical guidance on methodology for formulating diets and designing nutritional studies in animals and humans, in addition to valuable information on how nutrition influences specific biological processes such as biotransformation of foreign and...


John Weinman, Jackie Hunter
August 16, 1991