Biomedical Science

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The Neurobiology of Cocaine: Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms

1st Edition

Ronald P. Hammer, Jr.
July 17, 1995

Representing the latest data from active research groups, The Neurobiology of Cocaine is designed to educate students and inform experts in a rapidly changing field. This volume presents current research regarding the mechanisms of cocaine's action in the brain. Recent developments of cellular,...

An Introduction to Environmental Epidemiology

1st Edition

Evelyn Talbott, Gunther F. Craun
July 13, 1995

An Introduction to Environmental Epidemiology covers the basics of environmental exposure, health, and disease. Written to be easily accessible to readers with no formal training in epidemiology or statistics, this practical introduction is an ideal text/reference for students and professionals in...

Experimental Cell Biology of Taste and Olfaction: Current Techniques and Protocols

1st Edition

Andrew I. Spielman, Joseph G. Brand
July 12, 1995

Experimental Cell Biology of Taste and Olfaction examines and adapts methods from a variety of established fields, such as neurophysiology, receptor biochemistry and cellular imaging to provide comprehensive coverage of current techniques and protocols in chemosensory cell biology. Written for both...

Epilepsy in Children and Adolescents

1st Edition

Albert P. Aldenkamp, Fritz E. Dreifuss, W. Renier, T.P.B.M. Suurmeijer
July 10, 1995

The primary aim of this book is to provide up-to-date information for all involved in the care and cure of children and adolescents with epilepsy. The first part of the book describes the clinical manifestation of epilepsy in children and adolescents and focuses on diagnosis and classification. The...

Polymer Films in Sensor Applications

1st Edition

Gabor Harsanyi
July 01, 1995

Polymer films now play an essential and growing role in sensors. Recent advances in polymer science and film preparation have made polymer films useful, practical and economical in a wide range of sensor designs and applications. Further, the continuing miniaturization of microelectronics favors...

Exploiting Biotechnology

1st Edition

Alan Moses
June 30, 1995

Supplies basic knowledge of biotechnology; how products are chosen, manufactured and marketed as well as how new avenues for development are identified and managed. The authors discuss in simple, non-technical language the most relevant aspects of biology and chemistry, and go on to survey...

Modern PhotoMICROgraphy

1st Edition

Dr Brian Bracegirdle, Mrs H S M Bradbury
June 15, 1995

A completely new practical guide to photomicrography and a valuable companion volume to Scientific PhotoMACROgraphy by Brian Bracegirdle....

Antibody Therapy

1st Edition

Dr Eddie Wawrzynczak**Nfa***
June 15, 1995

Since the development of the first therapeutic monoclonal antibodies in the early 1980s, antibody therapy in human disease has become an area of rapid progress and growing importance. Antibody Therapy is an introductory text....

Antibody Technology

1st Edition

Eryl Liddell, Ian Weeks
June 15, 1995

This book provides a comprehensive overview of antibody technology. It discusses in detail the new generation of engineered antibodies and the latest developments in immunoassay techniques and applications, as well as describing conventional methods of antibody production and use. Antibody...

Metabolism of Brain Peptides

1st Edition

Gerard O'Cuinn
June 09, 1995

Metabolism of Brain Peptides discusses neuropeptide metabolism in light of recent research. It describes the processing mechanisms in the production of biologically active peptides. It details distribution of the variety of neuropeptides in the brain and comprehensively reviews the effects of these...

Introduction to Computational Biology: Maps, Sequences and Genomes

1st Edition

Michael S. Waterman
June 01, 1995

Biology is in the midst of a era yielding many significant discoveries and promising many more. Unique to this era is the exponential growth in the size of information-packed databases. Inspired by a pressing need to analyze that data, Introduction to Computational Biology explores a new area of...

Cell Adhesion Molecules in Cancer and Inflammation

1st Edition

Agamemnon A. Epenetos, Massimo Pignatelii
June 01, 1995