Biomedical Science

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Drug ActionsBasic Principles and Therapeutic Aspects

December 08, 1994

The most highly acclaimed pharmacology and toxicology text/reference used in Europe is now available in English. This excellent translation of Mutschler's Arzneimittelwirkungen combines a clear, informative narrative with 255 figures, 261 diagrams, and 198 tables to appeal to both new students and...

Immunological Effects of Blood Transfusion

Dharam P. Singal
December 08, 1994

This concise monograph examines the novel and distinct feature of blood transfusion (BT). It critically reviews the areas of major concern to the public and scientific/medical community. Topics include:Transmission of disease(s) from the blood donor to the recipient and the transfusion-induced...

Telematics for Health: The Role of Telehealth and Telemedicine in Homes and Communities

Marjorie Gott
December 01, 1994

Electronic communications are already revolutionizing the delivery of health care in homes and communities. The medium will have increasing impact on the delivery of health care in response to the pressure to use limited resources cost-effectively. To date much of telematics in health care has...

Chemical and Structural Approaches to Rational Drug Design

David B. Weiner, William V. Williams
November 28, 1994

This book is the first to provide both a broad overview of the current methodologies being applied to drug design and in-depth analyses of progress in specific fields. It details state-of-the-art approaches to pharmaceutical development currently used by some of the world's foremost laboratories....

Atlas of Prenatal Rat Brain Development

Joseph Altman, Shirley A. Bayer
November 21, 1994

The result of 3 decades of original research and instruction by internationally referenced authors, Drs. Joseph Altman and Shirley A. Bayer, the Atlas of Prenatal Rat Brain Development provides a complete, state-of-the-art presentation of the developing prenatal rat brain. With the aid of advanced...

Chemoprevention of Cancer

Daniel W. Nixon
November 08, 1994

Chemoprevention of Cancer guides you through the exciting new field of cancer chemoprevention. It covers epidemiology, known chemopreventive compounds, development of new chemopreventive agents, specific examples of preventive agents and their mechanisms of action, and current prevention clinical...

Handbook of Receptors and Channels: Ligand and Voltage Gated Ion

R. Alan North
October 25, 1994

This authoritative and comprehensive volume presents a perspective in the molecular and cellular diversity of membrane ion channels. Written in an accessible format, it depicts the structure and function of each of the known classes of ion channels. Each chapter provides amino acid sequences,...

Gene Targeting

Manuel A. Vega
October 25, 1994

This book examines the revolutionary new technology of gene targeting, from its history to its potential application for the genetic treatment of human diseases. It begins with an introduction to the field and a description of the whole gene targeting spectrum. It continues with discussions in the...

Cell Adhesion in Bioprocessing and Biotechnology

Martin Hjortso
October 20, 1994

Offers a detailed introduction to the fundamental phenomena that govern cell adhesion and describes bioengineering processes that employ cell adhesion, focusing on both biochemical and biomedical applications. All industrially relevant issues of cell adhesion - from basic concepts, quantitative...

The Anomeric Effect

Eusebio Juaristi, Gabriel Cuevas
October 12, 1994

This book provides a comprehensive review of the structural, conformational, and chemical manifestations of the anomeric effect. In order to present a cogent discussion of this most fundamental and relevant phenomenon, three chapters examine our present understanding of the origin of this...

Hazardous Chemicals in the Polymer Industry

Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff
October 04, 1994

Provides accurate, up-to-date information on the hazardous properties of several hundred generic and specific polymeric additives used in elastomer and plastics processing operations, detailing the symproms of overexposure as well as resonsible packaging, shipping and emergency-response procedures....

Food Additive Toxicology

September 13, 1994

"Provides both historical information and the latest toxicological data on various classes of food additives--examining the production, application, and safety of numerous compounds used to enhance and preserve the quality of foods."...