Biomedical Science

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Bioelectric and Biomagnetic Fields: Theory and Applications in Electrocardiology

Leonid I. Titomir, Peter Kneppo
June 27, 1994

Bioelectric and Biomagnetic Fields: Theory and Applications in Electrocardiology begins with a general description of the development of extracellular bioelectric and biomagnetic fields and the methods used in their analysis and measurement. The most effective electrodynamic models and most modern...

Scientific PhotoMACROgraphy

Dr Brian Bracegirdle
June 15, 1994

A detailed practical guide to choosing the correct equipment and methods for both transmitted-light and reflected-light photography....

Autoimmune Diseases: Focus on Sjögren's Syndrome

A Horsfall, Lucy Isenberg
June 15, 1994

A comprehensive guide to the factors involved in the aetiology of autoimmune diseases in general, and of Sjögren's syndrome in particular. The book reflects the cutting edge of research and focuses on advances made by the application of molecular biological techniques. A wide range of topics are...

Cancer Mortality and Morbidity StatisticsJapan and the World - 1993

June 07, 1994

Cancer statistics are useful for identifying the magnitude of cancer problems in populations and to evaluate the effects of cancer control measures. Analyses of cancer statistics often provide etiological clues and suggest methods for countermeasures for cancer prevention. This book presents...

Biological Microtechnique

Mr Jeremy Sanderson
May 30, 1994

A completely new practical guide to both new and classical methods of slide-making which is easy-to-read and easy-to-understand. Biological Microtechnique contains a wealth of practical detail which will provide a firm grounding in preparative methods for light microscopy....

Laboratory Design Handbook

E. Crawley Cooper
May 05, 1994

Laboratory Design Handbook describes the process, motivation, constraints, challenges, opportunities, and specific design data related to the creation of a modern research laboratory. The information presented is based on a large pool of experience in the development of new and renovated laboratory...

Molecular Aspects of Anticancer Drug DNA Interactions

Stephen Neidle
May 03, 1994

This cutting-edge book surveys the current knowledge on the mode of action of the major classes of DNA-interactive antitumor agents, providing information that could be crucial for the discovery of new therapeutic substances. It is an important reference for molecular biologists, cancer researchers...

Amazonian Ethnobotanical Dictionary

James A. Duke, Rodolfo Vasquez
April 11, 1994

The Amazonian Ethnobotanical Dictionary presents an exciting new rainforest book, designed and conceived in the rainforest and dedicated to its preservation.The book contains concise accounts of the various uses to which prominent Amazonian plants are put by the local rainforest inhabitants....

Cell-Mediated Immunity in Ruminants

Bruno M. L. Goddeeris, William I. Morrison
February 28, 1994

Within the last 10 years, the immune system of ruminants, especially T cells and their interactions with other cells, has been an important topic of study for veterinary immunologists and an area of interest for medical and fundamental immunologists. This book brings together all the latest data on...

Neural Transplantation, CNS Neuronal Injury, and Regeneration

Joe Marwah, Herman Teitelbaum, Kedar N. Prasad
February 23, 1994

This unique reference presents studies from leading laboratories that are studying the effects of CNS transplants on neuronal plasticity and recovery of function after CNS injury. Topics covered include tropic influences, reinnervation patterns, and prevention of cell death that range from...

Lectin-Microorganism Interactions

R. Doyle
February 08, 1994

Provides in-depth coverage of lectins and their interactions with micro-organisms and demonstrates how lectins function as probes for viral, bacterial, fungal and protozoal surfaces, as well as for blood group antigens....

Neuronal Cytoskeleton: Morphogenesis, Transport, and Synaptic Transmission

January 12, 1994

This book discusses the primary functions of microtubule-associated proteins (MAPs) such as MAP2 and tau in neuronal morphogenesis, as well as relationships between neuronal differentiation and the expression of neuronal intermediate filaments (nestin, alpha internexin, and neurofilament triplet...