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Non-Clinical Vascular Infusion Technology, Volume I: The Science

Owen P. Green, Guy Healing
September 26, 2013

Intravenous infusion is a necessary mode of delivery for many pharmaceuticals currently on the market or undergoing clinical trials. The technique of prolonged intravenous delivery in conscious, free-moving animal models has broadened the opportunity to study and evaluate the safety and efficacy of...

Kidney: Toxicological Assessment

Sang Geon Kim
September 11, 2013

Bridging the gap between advances in basic biology and chemistry and technological applications in the field of toxicity assessments, this book describes major areas of progress in the laboratory and clinic. In the first section, aspects of cellular organelles are discussed. The second section...

Principles of Food Toxicology, Second Edition

Tõnu Püssa
August 20, 2013

Following in the tradition of the popular first edition, Principles of Food Toxicology, Second Edition integrates the general principles of toxicology with a systematic characterization of the most important food-borne toxicants. Ideal as a textbook in a food toxicology course, and also as a...

Principles of Toxicology Testing, Second Edition

Frank A Barile
April 02, 2013

Nationally, toxicology programs have evolved from a traditional exploration of the chemistry and applied toxicity of chemicals and drugs to a more comprehensive study of toxicology and toxicology testing as independent entities. Consequently, the second edition of Principles of Toxicology Testing...

The Chemical Components of Tobacco and Tobacco Smoke, Second Edition

Alan Rodgman, Thomas A. Perfetti
February 25, 2013

Authored by two longtime researchers in tobacco science, The Chemical Components of Tobacco and Tobacco Smoke, Second Edition chronicles the progress made from late 2008 through 2011 by scientists in the field of tobacco science. The book examines the isolation and characterization of each...

The Laboratory Rat, Second Edition

Patrick Sharp, Jason S. Villano
December 11, 2012

Rats have long been recognized as a valuable biomedical research model, notably in the investigation of aging, toxicology, addiction, and common human diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. In many instances, individuals conducting such research studies are charged with important...

Dermatotoxicology, Eighth Edition

Klaus Peter Wilhelm, Hongbo Zhai, Howard I. Maibach
September 27, 2012

The foundational reference in dermal toxicology, this classic text has been completely revised to bring it up to date in the new Eighth Edition, with almost a third of its chapters being newly added. The structure of the text has also been reorganized to enable easier location of a topic of...

The Laboratory Mouse, Second Edition

Peggy J. Danneman, Mark A. Suckow, Cory Brayton
September 25, 2012

Mice have long been recognized as a valuable tool for investigating the genetic and physiological bases of human diseases such as diabetes, infectious disease, cancer, heart disease, and a wide array of neurological disorders. With the advent of transgenic and other genetic engineering technologies...

CRC World Dictionary of Medicinal and Poisonous Plants: Common Names, Scientific Names, Eponyms, Synonyms, and Etymology (5 Volume Set)

Umberto Quattrocchi
May 03, 2012

"Following on the successes of two previous dictionary projects, the CRC World Dictionary of Plant Names and the CRC World Dictionary of the Grasses, Umberto Quattrocchi has undertaken this dictionary of economically important plants…. He has done for these plants what was so admirably done in his...

Safety Pharmacology in Pharmaceutical Development: Approval and Post Marketing Surveillance, Second Edition

Shayne C. Gad
April 26, 2012

Safety pharmacology is the evaluation and study of the pharmacological effects of a potential drug that are unrelated to the desired therapeutic effect. These effects often present a hazard—particularly in individuals with compromised or limited organ system functions. Safety Pharmacology in...

The Metabolism of Arsenite

Joanne M. Santini, Seamus A. Ward
April 20, 2012

Up to 200 million people in 70 countries are at risk from drinking water contaminated with arsenic, which is a major cause of chronic debilitating illnesses and fatal cancers. Until recently little was known about the mobility of arsenic, and how redox transformations determined its movement into...

Forensic Toxicology: Medico-Legal Case Studies

Kalipatnapu N. Rao
February 23, 2012

Modern technology using state-of-the-art equipment can now identify almost any toxin relevant to a legal issue. Techniques include gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, high-pressure liquid chromatography, and the combination of these methods. Forensic Toxicology: Medico-legal Case Studies...