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Principles of Toxicology

3rd Edition

Karen E. Stine, Thomas M. Brown
April 16, 2015

Reflecting the broad and interdisciplinary nature of toxicology, this third edition of Principles of Toxicology explores the biochemical, physiological, and environmental aspects of the subject. This new edition is updated and revised to include reference to several major new directions in the...

Ketamine: Use and Abuse

1st Edition

David T. Yew
March 16, 2015

Increasing use of ketamine as a recreational drug in Asia, Europe, and America is a great burden on society at large, leading to aspirational strain, unemployment, and crime. These societal effects have led to growing interest among researchers and clinicians in ketamine’s effects on various...

Dictionary of Flavonoids with CD-ROM

1st Edition

John Buckingham, V. Ranjit N. Munasinghe
March 13, 2015

Widely distributed throughout plant families, flavonoids give many flowers and fruits their vibrant colors. They also play a role in protecting the plants from microbe and insect attacks. More importantly, the consumption of foods containing flavonoids has been linked to numerous health benefits....

Statistical Methods in Drug Combination Studies

1st Edition

Wei Zhao, Harry Yang
December 19, 2014

The growing interest in using combination drugs to treat various complex diseases has spawned the development of many novel statistical methodologies. The theoretical development, coupled with advances in statistical computing, makes it possible to apply these emerging statistical methods in in...

Leadership and Management in Pharmacy Practice

2nd Edition

Andrew M. Peterson, William N. Kelly
December 12, 2014

Over the past years, the changing nature of pharmacy practice has caused many to realize that the practice must not only be managed, but also led. Leadership and Management in Pharmacy Practice discusses a variety of leadership and managerial issues facing pharmacists now and in the future. This...

Kratom and Other Mitragynines: The Chemistry and Pharmacology of Opioids from a Non-Opium Source

1st Edition

Robert B. Raffa
October 29, 2014

Opioids such as morphine, codeine, and oxycodone are extracts or analogs isolated from a single source: the opium poppy. For a long time, it was believed to be nature’s only source of opioids. But it now appears that biological diversity has evolved an alternative source of opioid compounds—those...

Re-inventing Drug Development

1st Edition

Jeffrey S. Handen
October 28, 2014

The biopharmaceutical industry has entered an era of unprecedented change and challenge, characterized by increasing pricing pressures, rising rates of attrition in the product development lifecycle, and decreasing scientific innovation. The most successful products are losing patent protection,...

Nutrition and Epigenetics

1st Edition

Emily Ho, Frederick Domann
October 16, 2014

Nutrition and Epigenetics presents new information on the action of diet and nutritional determinants in regulating the epigenetic control of gene expression in health and disease. Each chapter gives a unique perspective on a different nutritional or dietary component or group of components, and...

Drug Delivery and Development of Anti-HIV Microbicides

1st Edition

José das Neves, Bruno Sarmento
October 16, 2014

The worldwide impact of HIV/AIDS is well recognized. This book provides for the first time a thorough and critical overview of current aspects, recent developments, and trends in the formulation and drug delivery concerning anti-HIV microbicides by leading scientists in the field. Additionally,...

Melatonin: Therapeutic Value and Neuroprotection

1st Edition

Venkatramanujan Srinivasan, Gabriella Gobbi, Samuel D. Shillcutt, Sibel Suzen
October 15, 2014

There is growing interest in the field of melatonin research regarding its neurobiological mechanisms as well as its repercussions in clinical practice. Melatonin: Therapeutic Value and Neuroprotection explores melatonin’s neuroprotective effects and discusses the therapeutic potential of melatonin...

Natural Products Chemistry: Sources, Separations and Structures

1st Edition

Raymond Cooper, George Nicola
July 29, 2014

Notoriously cumbersome to isolate and challenging to synthesize, the path of natural products to viable drugs is an arduous journey. Yet compounds isolated from nature may possess fascinating structures, biological profiles and pharmaceutical potential far greater than anything made by man....

Hormesis in Health and Disease

1st Edition

Suresh I. S. Rattan, Éric Le Bourg
May 16, 2014

Some mild stresses have positive effects on survival and aging as shown in animal models. There is also a large body of research that demonstrates these hormetic effects on aging, health, and resistance to severe stresses and diseases in human beings. However, the data are dispersed in the...