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Experiments in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Second Edition

Charles Dickson
February 21, 2014

Written by an author with more than 40 years of teaching experience in the field, Experiments in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Second Edition responds to a critical classroom need for material on directed laboratory investigations in biological and pharmaceutical chemistry. This new edition supplies 75...

Freshwater Phytopharmaceutical Compounds

Santhanam Ramesh, Rajabalaya Rajan, Ramasamy Santhanam
August 28, 2013

Herbal medicines have been used as prophylactic measures and curative treatments throughout human history, and crude herbal extracts are commonly used in pharmaceutical research. Producing a variety of structurally novel bioactive compounds or secondary metabolites, freshwater plants provide a...

Chemistry and Pharmacology of Naturally Occurring Bioactive Compounds

Goutam Brahmachari
February 20, 2013

Natural products play crucial roles in modern drug development, and constitute a prolific source of novel lead compounds or pharmacophores for ongoing drug discovery programs. Chemistry and Pharmacology of Naturally Occurring Bioactive Compounds presents cutting-edge research in the chemistry of...

A Practical Guide to Human Research and Clinical Trials

M. U. R. Naidu, P. Usha Rani
January 29, 2013

Regulatory bodies such as the European Medicine Agency have done tremendous work in collaboration with experts from the field to develop Good Clinical Practices that apply not only in Europe but also in emerging countries. Designed to be a teaching aid and reference guide, A Practical Guide to...

Marine Pharmacognosy: Trends and Applications

Se-Kwon Kim
December 06, 2012

Diverse and abundant, marine-derived bioactive compounds offer a plethora of pharmacologically active agents with the potential to produce valuable therapeutic entities. Marine-derived organisms, including some macroalgae, microalgae, blue-green algae, invertebrates, and vertebrates—valued in...

Pharmaceutical Formulation Development of Peptides and Proteins, Second Edition

Lars Hovgaard, Sven Frokjaer, Marco van de Weert
November 14, 2012

The rapid advances in recombinant DNA technology and the increasing availability of peptides and proteins with therapeutic potential are a challenge for pharmaceutical scientists who have to formulate these compounds as drug products. Pharmaceutical Formulation Development of Peptides and...

Topical Nail Products and Ungual Drug Delivery

S Narasimha Murthy, Howard I. Maibach
September 26, 2012

Discussing existing techniques, ongoing research, new approaches, and basic concepts in the treatment of nail diseases, Topical Nail Products and Ungual Drug Delivery summarizes the current knowledge and represents a jumping-off point for creating novel techniques of drug delivery across the nail....

Quantitative Pharmacology: An Introduction to Integrative Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Analysis

Johan Gabrielsson, Stephan Hjorth
May 07, 2012

PKPD awareness is vital if we are to attempt to relate preclinical results to the acute and long term consequences in humans. The debate on whether preclinical findings can be translated to the human usage is still engaging scientists across industry, academia and regulatory bodies....

Safety Pharmacology in Pharmaceutical Development: Approval and Post Marketing Surveillance, Second Edition

Shayne C. Gad
April 26, 2012

Safety pharmacology is the evaluation and study of the pharmacological effects of a potential drug that are unrelated to the desired therapeutic effect. These effects often present a hazard—particularly in individuals with compromised or limited organ system functions. Safety Pharmacology in...

Basic Pharmacokinetics, Second Edition

Mohsen A. Hedaya
February 09, 2012

Knowledge of pharmacokinetics is critical to understanding the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of drugs. It is therefore vital to those engaged in the discovery, development, and preclinical and clinical evaluation of drugs, as well as practitioners involved in the clinical use...

The Minipig in Biomedical Research

Peter A. McAnulty, Anthony D. Dayan, Niels-Christian Ganderup, Kenneth L. Hastings
December 19, 2011

The Minipig in Biomedical Research is a comprehensive resource for research scientists on the potential and use of the minipig in basic and applied biomedical research, and the development of drugs and chemicals. Written by acknowledged experts in the field, and drawing on the authors’ global...

Current Research in Pharmaceutical Technology

Sabine Globig, William Hunter Jr.
December 15, 2011

This title includes a number of Open Access chapters. Pharmaceutical technology deals with the discovery, production, processing, and safe and effective delivery of medications to patients. Technologies involved include computer modeling for research, bioengineering for research instrumentation,...