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Catecholamines and Heart Disease

Pallab K. Ganguly
July 24, 1991

A concise, in-depth analysis of the status of the sympathetic system in heart diseasesThis book summarizes the functional status of the sympathetic neural system in cardiological diseased states and highlights aspects of sympathetic neural activity that are important to an overall understanding of...

Cytokines and Inflammation

Edward S. Kimball
July 15, 1991

This important new book focuses on the involvement of cytokines in specific areas of inflammatory diseases, such as granulomatous responses, lung disease, hepatic dysfunction and the acute phase, arthritis and accompanying bone remodeling, neurogenic inflammation, and shock. The roles of GM-CSF, IL...

Calcium Channels: Their Properties, Functions, Regulation, and Clinical Relevance

L. Donald Partridge, John K. Leach
July 03, 1991

The most comprehensive compendium of information available on calcium channelsCalcium channels are a common component of the membranes of a wide range of excitable cells, and their presence is crucial to the functioning of these cells. This book presents a current review of the biophysics,...

Developmental Neurobiology of Breathing

Gabriel Haddad
June 28, 1991

This monograph provides a comprehensive basis for understanding the complex interactions that take place between synaptic input, cellular properties, and the oscillatory output of a neural network, especially in the maturing or developing nervous system. Emphasis is placed on drawing a parallel betw...

Biological Feedback

Rene Thomas, Richard D'Ari
September 25, 1990

Clearly explaining the logical analysis of biological control phenomena, Biological Feedback answers questions concerning everything from regulation to logic. This rare monograph presents a formal methodology for analyzing the dynamic behavior of complex systems. The easy-to-read text describes a...

The Neuropsychological Analysis of Problem Solving

January 01, 1990

For any of us, problem solving is a daily event. For some, it is a major task. This historical book puts to use neuropsychological methods to analyze the process of problem solving. Experience shows that the process is psychologically so complicated that standard methods established in pedagogy and...

Neural Mechanisms in Taste

Robert H. Cagan
August 31, 1989

The purpose of NEURAL MECHANISM in TASTE is to emphasize physiological principles and reveal new insights of this most recent research. This book is aimed to reach scientists within the broad area of neurophysiology as well as those in other disciplines who have interests in sensory mechanisms. The...

The Characteristics Of Aphasia

Chris Code
July 31, 1989

A survey of the main behavioural characteristics or symptoms of aphasia, which presents a series of essays on the history and current developments in this field of neuropsychological research. Contributors discuss recovery, rehabilitation and other contemporary issues....

Biology of Sleep Substances

Shojiro Inoue
March 31, 1989

All aspects of sleep sciences are included in this excellent resource text, with special reference to sleep substances and sleep modulators. The historical development of the theories of sleep are reviewed in conjunction with the technical problems. All candidate substances are overviewed as to...

Current Research

December 19, 1988


Sensitization in the Nervous System

Charles D. Barnes
October 15, 1988

Sensitization is a concept of learning and memory that has grown out of experiments on "simple" animals. Interest in sensitization has grown tremendously in the last several years, fueled mainly by evidence of the molecular basis of sensitization in invertebrates on the one hand and the study of...