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Chronic Pain: Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, Prevention, and Management

Hooshang Hooshmand
March 26, 1993

The most misunderstood and complex subject in medicine is the hyperpathic pain of sympathetic dystrophy. More common than previously thought, it comprises between 10 and 20 percent of chronic pain patients. Understanding this self-perpetuating pain -- which "never stops" -- requires unbiased...

Addiction Controversies

David M. Warburton
January 28, 1992



John Weinman, Jackie Hunter
August 16, 1991


Early Parenting and Later Child Achievement

Arnold Honig
February 04, 1991


Acquired Neurological Speech/Language Disorders In Childhood

Bruce E Murdoch
July 26, 1990

The long-held belief that acquired aphasia in children is primarily of the non-fluent type has been challenged in recent years. This book discusses language problems arising from cerebro-vascular accidents occurring in childhood, and from other...

The Neuropsychological Analysis of Problem Solving

January 01, 1990

For any of us, problem solving is a daily event. For some, it is a major task. This historical book puts to use neuropsychological methods to analyze the process of problem solving. Experience shows that the process is psychologically so complicated that standard methods established in pedagogy and...