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An Introduction to Environmental Epidemiology

Evelyn Talbott, Gunther F. Craun
July 13, 1995

An Introduction to Environmental Epidemiology covers the basics of environmental exposure, health, and disease. Written to be easily accessible to readers with no formal training in epidemiology or statistics, this practical introduction is an ideal text/reference for students and professionals in...

Cancer Mortality and Morbidity StatisticsJapan and the World - 1993

June 07, 1994

Cancer statistics are useful for identifying the magnitude of cancer problems in populations and to evaluate the effects of cancer control measures. Analyses of cancer statistics often provide etiological clues and suggest methods for countermeasures for cancer prevention. This book presents...

Biostatistics for Epidemiologists

Anders Ahlbom
March 25, 1993

Biostatistics for Epidemiologists is a unique book that provides a collection of methods that can be used to analyze data in most epidemiological studies. It examines the theoretical background of the methods described and discusses general principles that apply to the analysis of epidemiological...

Occupational Epidemiology, Second Edition

Richard R. Monson
April 25, 1990

The objective of this second edition of Occupational Epidemiology is to update and extend the first edition. It includes a basic introduction to epidemiology in the occupational context and introduces new analytic methods. This volume-packed with mostly new material-empasizes the relation between...

Demography and Vector-Borne Diseases

Michael W. Service
September 30, 1989

An in-depth overview on the demo-graphic changes occurring world-wide and the repercussions this is having on the pattern of vector-borne disease is pre-sented in this book. Internationally recognized scientists, epidemiologists, entomologists, parasitologists, and ecologists are contributing...


Stanley Edlavitch
August 01, 1989

This volume is comprised of papers presented at the Third International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology, held September 9-11, 1987, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The book is divided into four sections, which reflect the four themes of the conference: Social Impact of Pharmacoepidemiology; Drug...

Injured Index and Pathogenic Bacteria: Occurence and Detection in Foods, Water and Feeds

Bibek Ray
June 30, 1989

This book emphasizes the occurrence of sublethal injury in the indicator and pathogenic bacteria commonly encountered in foods, water and feed and modifications of the currently recommended methods for the effective detection of these bacteria. Chapters include methods for recovering injured "...

Genetic Epidemiology of Cancer

Henry T. Lynch, Takeshi Hirayama
June 30, 1989

This multi-authored book provides a unique accounting of the cancer problem from the standpoint of those primary genetic factors which may be interacting with myriad environmental exposures in cancer etiology. It provides a comprehensive coverage of cancer of all anatomical sites in conjunction...

Epidemiology of Human Reproduction

Bengt Kallen
September 30, 1988

This comprehensive overview covering the field of reproductive epidemiology examines the impact of environmental factors related to embryonic and fetal development. Innovative techniques are highlighted, illustrating special problems related to reproductive epidemiology. Specific environmental...

Environmental Epidemiology

December 01, 1986

This informative book is valuable to a broad spectrum of individuals active in the environmental and health sciences, including chemists, epidemiologists, and mathematics modelers, as well as those involved with measurement and effects of numerous kinds of drinking water contamination and both...

Health Care Needs Assessment: The Epidemiologically Based Needs Assessment Review

Andrew Stevens, James Raferty
January 01, 1960

In the past 10 years spirituality and spiritual care have been much debated in professional healthcare literature, highlighting the need for a recognised definition of spiritual care to enable appropriate assessment of, and response to, spiritual issues. This accessible and highly relevant book...