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Spatial Epidemiological Approaches in Disease Mapping and Analysis

Poh-Chin Lai, Fun-Mun So, Ka-Wing Chan
August 18, 2008

Containing method descriptions and step-by-step procedures, the Spatial Epidemiological Approaches in Disease Mapping and Analysis equips readers with skills to prepare health-related data in the proper format, process these data using relevant functions and software, and display the results as...

Molecular Epidemiology: Applications in Cancer and Other Human Diseases

Timothy R. Rebbeck, Christine B. Ambrosone, Peter G. Shields
May 21, 2008

This volume comprises the investigation of factors that may predict the response to treatment, outcome, and survival by exploring: • design considerations in molecular epidemiology, including: case-only family-based approaches for evaluation of genetic susceptibility to exposure and addiction...

Compendium of Health Statistics: 2008

Emma Hawe, Francois G. Schellevis
January 31, 2008

"The OHE Compendium of Health Statistics" is the one-stop statistical source specially designed for easy use by anyone interested in the UK health care sector and the NHS. It contains over 300 simple, easy-to-read tables and charts and provides a wide range of information on UK health and...

Spatiotemporal Patterns in Ecology and Epidemiology: Theory, Models, and Simulation

Horst Malchow, Sergei V. Petrovskii, Ezio Venturino
December 26, 2007

Although the spatial dimension of ecosystem dynamics is now widely recognized, the specific mechanisms behind species patterning in space are still poorly understood and the corresponding theoretical framework is underdeveloped. Going beyond the classical Turing scenario of pattern formation,...

Geocoding Health Data: The Use of Geographic Codes in Cancer Prevention and Control, Research and Practice

Gerard Rushton, Marc P. Armstrong, Josephine Gittler, Barry R. Greene, Claire E. Pavlik, Michele M. West, Dale L. Zimmerman
November 19, 2007

In the past, disease pattern mapping depended on census tracts based on political units, such as states and counties. However, with the advent of geographic information systems (GIS), researchers can now achieve a new level of precision and flexibility in geographic locating. This emerging...

Basic Concepts in Statistics and Epidemiology

Theodore H. MacDonald, Denis Pereira Gray
December 20, 2006

This book contains a Foreword by Allyson Pollock, Professor and Head, Centre for International Public Health Policy, University of Edinburgh. Healthcare students, practitioners and researchers need a sound basis for making valid statistical inferences from health data. To make the best use of...

The AIDS Pandemic: The Collision of Epidemiology with Political Correctness

James Chin, Alan Gillies
November 20, 2006

This work includes a foreword by Jeffrey Koplan, Vice President, Academic Health Affairs, Emory University, Atlanta, Formerly Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This groundbreaking new book blows apart the myths about who is at risk of getting AIDS and shows how these myths...

Emerging Infectious Diseases and the Threat to Occupational Health in the U.S. and Canada

William Charney
June 23, 2006

Hospitals in the US and Canada are ill-prepared for the threat of emerging infectious diseases, especially in the area of protecting healthcare workers, nurses, doctors, and first responders from transmissions. Current protocols from guideline agencies and health organizations and health...

Health Care Needs Assessment: The Epidemiologically Based Needs Assessment Reviews, v. 2, First Series

Andrew Stevens, James Raftery, Jonathan Mant, Sue Simpson
May 01, 2006

This new resource in the series provides vital perspectives across entire new disease and service areas not previously covered in other volumes. The books of the first and second series are well established as the key sources of data on needs assessment. Together, they describe the central role and...

Veterinary Clinical Epidemiology, Third Edition

Ronald D. Smith
September 07, 2005

While veterinary medicine has always valued the concepts and methods of epidemiology, they are virtually inseparable in today’s clinical practice. With access to an ever-expanding number of journals, as well as countless Internet sources, more and more veterinarians are practicing evidence-based...

Childhood Obesity: Contemporary Issues

Noel Cameron, Gerard Hastings, George Ellison
July 28, 2005

The consequences of childhood obesity are serious and far reaching, with both physical and psychological components that add to its complexity. Childhood Obesity: Contemporary Issues provides an up-to-date account of the increase of obesity in children, its causes, and its prevention. The expert...

Statistical Concepts and Applications in Clinical Medicine

John Aitchison, Jim W. Kay, Ian J. Lauder
October 28, 2004

Statistical Concepts and Applications in Clinical Medicine presents a unique, problem-oriented approach to using statistical methods in clinical medical practice through each stage of the clinical process, including observation, diagnosis, and treatment. The authors present each consultative...