Biomedical Science


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Biotechnology for the Treatment of Hazardous Waste

Daphne L. Stoner
November 24, 1993

The development of biologically based processes for the treatment of hazardous inorganic and organic wastes is a multi-disciplinary effort requiring the consideration of a number of biological, chemical, and physical parameters, as well as the effective teaming of biologists, chemists, engineers,...

Biologically Active Peptides: Design, Synthesis and Utilization

David B. Weiner, William V. Williams
November 04, 1993

Investigation into basic and advanced peptide design, synthesis, evaluation and utilization. New therapeutic approaches from experimental systems....

Protein Purification Process Engineering

Roger Harrison
October 15, 1993

Offers coverage of the development of protein purification processes for large-scale commercial operations, and addresses process development, scale-up, applications and mathematical descriptions. Technologies currently used at the commercial scale are covered in depth....

Biotechnology And Safety Assessment

John A. Thomas
June 30, 1993

In this volume, experts from academe, industry, and public health institutes discuss the issues involved in toxicology evaluation, safety assessment, and regulation of biotechnology-derived drugs, foods, and plant products. Coverage includes recombinant DNA agents, monoclonal antibodies,...

Peptide Biosynthesis and Processing

Lloyd D. Fricker
July 24, 1991

This book provides a comprehensive review of the field of peptide biosynthesis. Individual chapters range from historical perspectives of the field to current knowledge regarding specific enzymes. Every step from gene to final bioactive peptide is covered in detail. Approximately two thirds of the...

Basic Bioreactor Design

Klaas van't Riet, Johannes Tramper
January 07, 1991

Based on a graduate course in biochemical engineering, provides the basic knowledge needed for the efficient design of bioreactors and the relevant principles and data for practical process engineering, with an emphasis on enzyme reactors and aerated reactors for microorganisms. Includes exercises,...

Extractive Bioconversions

B. Mattiasson
November 30, 1990

Contributors from European and US universities and corporations review recent developments in the integration of downstream processing and bioconversion, describing their experience with many separation technologies, including some still in the experimental stage. The topics include the construction...

Fundamentals of Protein Biotechnology

August 31, 1990

Fills a gap between the existing studies of proteins, which tend to be highly technical and geared toward the practicing protein chemist, and biochemistry textbooks, which focus on general principles. Scientists cover a dozen topics by presenting fundamental principles, an overview, and the practica...

Transfer RNAs and Other Soluble RNAs

Joseph D. Cherayil
August 29, 1990

This fascinating book discusses various methods that have been used from early times to the present for the isolation and characterization of total tRNA, specific tRNAs, and small molecular weight RNAs. Filled with tables and figures, it presents comparative methods and provides an overview of the...

Separation Processes in Biotechnology

Juan A. Asenjo
June 28, 1990

Edited to avoid duplication and favor comprehensiveness, 20 contributors detail the recovery, separation, and purification operations of bioprocess technology. Individual chapters in this classic yet still highly relevant work emphasize concepts that are becoming more and more important when...

Computer Control of Fermentation Processes

Daniel R. Omstead
October 31, 1989

The purpose of this volume is to describe the components, assembly, and implementation of computer-based process control systems. Presented in two sections, it illustrates how such systems have been used to monitor and control industrial fermentation processes as a means to improve our...

Genetic Engineering Fundamentals: An Introduction to Principles and Applications

John Kammermeyer
March 31, 1989

This important reference/text provides technologists with the basic informationnecessary to interact scientifically with molecular biologists and get involved in scalinguplaboratory procedures and designing and constructing commercial plants.Requiring no previous training or experience in biology,...