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Essentials of a Successful Biostatistical Collaboration

Arul Earnest
September 19, 2016

The aim of this book is to equip biostatisticians and other quantitative scientists with the necessary skills, knowledge, and habits to collaborate effectively with clinicians in the healthcare field. The book provides valuable insight on where to look for information and material on sample size...

Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Data

Robert Elashoff, Gang li, Ning Li
August 24, 2016

Longitudinal studies often incur several problems that challenge standard statistical methods for data analysis. These problems include non-ignorable missing data in longitudinal measurements of one or more response variables, informative observation times of longitudinal data, and survival...

Statistical Methods for Healthcare Performance Monitoring

Alex Bottle, Paul Aylin
August 01, 2016

Healthcare is important to everyone, yet large variations in its quality have been well documented both between and within many countries. With demand and expenditure rising, it’s more crucial than ever to know how well the healthcare system and all its components – from staff member to regional...

Bayesian Designs for Phase I–II Clinical Trials

Ying Yuan, Hoang Q. Nguyen, Peter F. Thall
June 22, 2016

Reliably optimizing a new treatment in humans is a critical first step in clinical evaluation since choosing a suboptimal dose or schedule may lead to failure in later trials. At the same time, if promising preclinical results do not translate into a real treatment advance, it is important to...

Statistical Testing Strategies in the Health Sciences

Albert Vexler, Alan D. Hutson, Xiwei Chen
May 25, 2016

Statistical Testing Strategies in the Health Sciences provides a compendium of statistical approaches for decision making, ranging from graphical methods and classical procedures through computationally intensive bootstrap strategies to advanced empirical likelihood techniques. It bridges the gap...

Benefit-Risk Assessment Methods in Medical Product Development: Bridging Qualitative and Quantitative Assessments

Qi Jiang, Weili He
May 24, 2016

Guides You on the Development and Implementation of B–R Evaluations Benefit–Risk Assessment Methods in Medical Product Development: Bridging Qualitative and Quantitative Assessments provides general guidance and case studies to aid practitioners in selecting specific benefit–risk (B–R) frameworks...

Multiregional Clinical Trials for Simultaneous Global New Drug Development

Joshua Chen, Hui Quan
April 01, 2016

In a global clinical development strategy, multiregional clinical trials (MRCTs) are vital in the development of innovative medicines. Multiregional Clinical Trials for Simultaneous Global New Drug Development presents a comprehensive overview on the current status of conducting MRCTs in clinical...

Basic Statistics and Epidemiology: A Practical Guide, Fourth Edition

Antony Stewart
February 15, 2016

Basic Statistics and Epidemiology is a straightforward primer in basic statistics that emphasizes its practical use in epidemiology and public health, providing an understanding of essential topics such as study design, data analysis and statistical methods used in the execution of medical research...

Singular Spectrum Analysis of Biomedical Signals

Saeid Sanei, Hossein Hassani
December 22, 2015

Recent advancements in signal processing and computerised methods are expected to underpin the future progress of biomedical research and technology, particularly in measuring and assessing signals and images from the human body. This book focuses on singular spectrum analysis (SSA), an effective...

Dynamical Biostatistical Models

Daniel Commenges, Helene Jacqmin-Gadda
October 02, 2015

Dynamical Biostatistical Models presents statistical models and methods for the analysis of longitudinal data. The book focuses on models for analyzing repeated measures of quantitative and qualitative variables and events history, including survival and multistate models. Most of the advanced...

Statistical Methods for Immunogenicity Assessment

Harry Yang, Jianchun Zhang, Binbing Yu, Wei Zhao
September 03, 2015

Develop Effective Immunogenicity Risk Mitigation Strategies Immunogenicity assessment is a prerequisite for the successful development of biopharmaceuticals, including safety and efficacy evaluation. Using advanced statistical methods in the study design and analysis stages is therefore essential...

Statistical Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials: Principles and Methods

Weichung Joe Shih, Joseph Aisner
July 23, 2015

Statistical Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials: Principles and Methods concentrates on the biostatistics component of clinical trials. Developed from the authors’ courses taught to public health and medical students, residents, and fellows during the past 15 years, the text shows how...