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Handbook of Small Animal Imaging: Preclinical Imaging, Therapy, and Applications

George C. Kagadis, Nancy L. Ford, Dimitrios N. Karnabatidis, George K. Loudos
April 12, 2016

The use of small animal models in basic and preclinical sciences constitutes an integral part of testing new pharmaceutical agents prior to their application in clinical practice. New imaging and therapeutic approaches need to be tested and validated first in animals before application to humans....

Isotopes in Nanoparticles: Fundamentals and Applications

Jordi Llop, Vanessa Gomez-Vallejo
March 22, 2016

Nanoparticles may be used in industrial processes, incorporated into consumer products, or applied as biomedical agents. Isotopic (radio)labeling is one of the most powerful methods for nanoparticle tracing in experimental studies. This book presents an introduction to some commonly used...

Singular Spectrum Analysis of Biomedical Signals

Saeid Sanei, Hossein Hassani
December 22, 2015

Recent advancements in signal processing and computerised methods are expected to underpin the future progress of biomedical research and technology, particularly in measuring and assessing signals and images from the human body. This book focuses on singular spectrum analysis (SSA), an effective...

Stochastic Modeling for Medical Image Analysis

Ayman El-Baz, Georgy Gimel’farb, Jasjit S. Suri
November 19, 2015

Stochastic Modeling for Medical Image Analysis provides a brief introduction to medical imaging, stochastic modeling, and model-guided image analysis. Today, image-guided computer-assisted diagnostics (CAD) faces two basic challenging problems. The first is the computationally feasible and accurate...

Measurement of Soft Tissue Elasticity in Vivo: Techniques and Applications

Yan-Ping Huang, Yong-Ping Zheng
November 18, 2015

The product of 20 years of research, this book covers topics in soft tissue elasticity in vivo, from measurement techniques to clinical applications. It provides, for the first time, a single source that systematically introduces the various techniques for in vivo measurement of soft tissue...

Cell and Material Interface: Advances in Tissue Engineering, Biosensor, Implant, and Imaging Technologies

Nihal Engin Vrana
November 18, 2015

A significant portion of biomedical applications necessitates the establishment of an interface between the cells of the patient and the components of the device. In many cases, such as in implants and engineered tissues, the interaction of the cells with the biomaterial is one of the main...

Ionizing Radiation Effects in Electronics: From Memories to Imagers

Marta Bagatin, Simone Gerardin
November 03, 2015

Ionizing Radiation Effects in Electronics: From Memories to Imagers delivers comprehensive coverage of the effects of ionizing radiation on state-of-the-art semiconductor devices. The book also offers valuable insight into modern radiation-hardening techniques. The text begins by providing...

MRI: Physics, Image Reconstruction, and Analysis

Angshul Majumdar, Rabab Kreidieh Ward
October 28, 2015

The field of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has developed rapidly over the past decade, benefiting greatly from the newly developed framework of compressed sensing and its ability to drastically reduce MRI scan times. MRI: Physics, Image Reconstruction, and Analysis presents the latest research...

Radiation Detectors for Medical Imaging

Jan S. Iwanczyk
October 16, 2015

Radiation Detectors for Medical Imaging discusses the current state of the art and future prospects of photon-counting detectors for medical imaging applications. Featuring contributions from leading experts and pioneers in their respective fields, this book: Describes x-ray spectral imaging...

Clark's Positioning in Radiography 13E

A. Stewart Whitley, Gail Jefferson, Ken Holmes, Charles Sloane, Craig Anderson, Graham Hoadley
September 15, 2015

First published in 1939, Clark’s Positioning in Radiography is the preeminent text on positioning technique for diagnostic radiographers. Whilst retaining the clear and easy-to-follow structure of the previous edition, the thirteenth edition includes a number of changes and innovations in...

Bio-Imaging: Principles, Techniques, and Applications

Rajagopal Vadivambal, Digvir S. Jayas
August 27, 2015

Highlights the Emergence of Image Processing in Food and Agriculture In addition to uses specifically related to health and other industries, biological imaging is now being used for a variety of applications in food and agriculture. Bio-Imaging: Principles, Techniques, and Applications fully...

14 MeV Neutrons: Physics and Applications

Vladivoj Valkovic
August 25, 2015

Despite the often difficult and time-consuming effort of performing experiments with fast (14 MeV) neutrons, these neutrons can offer special insight into nucleus and other materials because of the absence of charge. 14 MeV Neutrons: Physics and Applications explores fast neutrons in basic science...