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Computer Modeling and Simulations of Complex Biological Systems, 2nd Edition

S. Sitharama Iyengar
November 20, 1997

This unique text explores the use of innovative modeling techniques in effecting a better understanding of complex diseases such as AIDS and cancer. From a way of representing the computational properties of protein-folding problems to computer simulation of bimodal neurons and networks, Computer...

Atlas of Visualization, Volume III

Yasuki Nakayama, Yoshimichi Tanida
March 24, 1997

Visualization is a novel interdisciplinary science for making any phenomenon clear by visualizing the invisible using computer techniques. The Atlas of Visualization presents the latest advances in visualization techniques, image processing, computer graphics, and visualization of measured and...

Wound Closure Biomaterials and Devices

Chih-Chang Chu, J. Anthony von Fraunhofer, Howard P. Greisler
December 20, 1996

Virtually every wound, whether surgical or traumatic, needs to be closed to promote wound healing and prevent infection. Increasingly sophisticated and effective materials for the crucial surgical treatment of wound closure are being developed continuously. Keep up with the most recent research...

Handbook of Biosensors and Electronic Noses: Medicine, Food, and the Environment

Erika Kress-Rogers
October 24, 1996

In developing the electronic nose and biosensor devices, researchers not only copy biochemical pathways, but also use nature's approach to signal interpretation as a blueprint for man-made sensing systems. Commercial biosensors have demonstrated their benefits and practical applications, providing...

Surface Analytical Techniques for Probing Biomaterial Processes

John Davies
August 28, 1996

Surface Analytical Techniques for Probing Biomaterial Processes describes four surface analytical techniques for probing dynamic, in situ processes at the biomaterial interface. The book presents the theoretical basis and biomaterial applications of:Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence...

Atlas of Visualization, Volume II

Yasuki Nakayama, Yoshimichi Tanida
May 29, 1996

Visualization is a novel interdisciplinary science for making any phenomenon clear by visualizing the invisible using computer techniques. It covers such diverse phenomena as fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, sound, electromagnetism, and chemical change and its combinations. The Atlas of...

Bioenergetics Of Aquatic Animals

Albert Lucas, Jennifer J. Watson
April 25, 1996

This text applies bioenergetics to aquatic animals and explores its role in aquaculture and fisheries science. It seeks to provide a compact account of bioenergetics in aquaculture and clarify problems encountered in the areas of fisheries and...

Beyond Biomechanics: Psychosocial Aspects Of Musculoskeletal Disorders In Office Work

Steve Sauter, S D Moon
February 08, 1996

There is now widespread recognition that psychosocial factors play a key role in the aetiology, perpetuation, management and prevention of cumulative trauma disorders CTDs. This text addresses the strength, direction and importance of links between psychosocial factors and CTDs.; The book's...

Cell-Based Biosensors

Jaroslav Racek
December 09, 1995

SOME ADVANTAGES OF CELL-BASED BIOSENSORS:Isolation, purification, and immobilization of enzymes are often very difficult; these can be omitted with cell-based biosensors. Some enzymes can lose their activity during isolation or immobilization; this risk is eliminated by the use of whole cells....

Biosensors: Theory and Applications

Donald G. Buerk
August 24, 1995

This introductory text covers in detail the technology and applications of biosensors in their many forms. It provides an extensive survey of the basic principles, functions and applications of different categories of biosensors. The presentation is concise, systematic and well illustrated....

Encyclopedic Handbook of Biomaterials and Bioengineering: Part B: Applications 4V Set

Donald L. Wise
August 22, 1995

This encyclopedic reference provides exhaustive treatment of materials used in or on the human body, including collagen-based materials, ceramics, adhesives, membranes, coatings, films. Coverage is divided into two main sections, Materials and Applications, with two volumes devoted to each area....

Polymer Films in Sensor Applications

Gabor Harsanyi
July 01, 1995

Polymer films now play an essential and growing role in sensors. Recent advances in polymer science and film preparation have made polymer films useful, practical and economical in a wide range of sensor designs and applications. Further, the continuing miniaturization of microelectronics favors...