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Telehealthcare Computing and Engineering: Principles and Design

Fei Hu
April 26, 2013

While conventional similar books focus on medical science and social aspects, this book emphasizes computing science and engineering design. This feature can help with both industry development and academic research. It book explains in detail both entire telehealthcare engineering system and...

Introduction to Biological Networks

Alpan Raval, Animesh Ray
April 24, 2013

The new research area of genomics-inspired network biology lacks an introductory book that enables both physical/computational scientists and biologists to obtain a general yet sufficiently rigorous perspective of current thinking. Filling this gap, Introduction to Biological Networks provides a...

Data Mining for Bioinformatics

Sumeet Dua, Pradeep Chowriappa
November 06, 2012

Covering theory, algorithms, and methodologies, as well as data mining technologies, Data Mining for Bioinformatics provides a comprehensive discussion of data-intensive computations used in data mining with applications in bioinformatics. It supplies a broad, yet in-depth, overview of the...

Practical Bioinformatics

Michael Agostino
September 26, 2012

Practical Bioinformatics is specifically designed for biology majors, with a heavy emphasis on the steps required to perform bioinformatics analysis to answer biological questions. It is written for courses that have a practical, hands-on element and contains many exercises (for example, database...

Genome Annotation

Jung Soh, Paul M.K. Gordon, Christoph W. Sensen
August 30, 2012

The success of individualized medicine, advanced crops, and new and sustainable energy sources requires thoroughly annotated genomic information and the integration of this information into a coherent model. A thorough overview of this field, Genome Annotation explores automated genome analysis and...

Quantitative Biology: From Molecular to Cellular Systems

Michael E. Wall
August 25, 2012

Quantitative methods are revolutionizing modern molecular and cellular biology. Groundbreaking technical advances are fueling the rapid expansion in our ability to observe, as seen in multidisciplinary studies that integrate theory, computation, experimental assays, and the control of...

Computational Systems Biology of Cancer

Emmanuel Barillot, Laurence Calzone, Philippe Hupe, Jean-Philippe Vert, Andrei Zinovyev
August 25, 2012

The future of cancer research and the development of new therapeutic strategies rely on our ability to convert biological and clinical questions into mathematical models—integrating our knowledge of tumour progression mechanisms with the tsunami of information brought by high-throughput...

Statistics and Data Analysis for Microarrays Using R and Bioconductor

Sorin Drăghici
December 06, 2011

Richly illustrated in color, Statistics and Data Analysis for Microarrays Using R and Bioconductor, Second Edition provides a clear and rigorous description of powerful analysis techniques and algorithms for mining and interpreting biological information. Omitting tedious details, heavy formalisms,...

Stochastic Modelling for Systems Biology, Second Edition

Darren J. Wilkinson
November 09, 2011

Since the first edition of Stochastic Modelling for Systems Biology, there have been many interesting developments in the use of "likelihood-free" methods of Bayesian inference for complex stochastic models. Re-written to reflect this modern perspective, this second edition covers everything...

Informatics in Medical Imaging

George C. Kagadis, Steve G. Langer
October 17, 2011

Informatics in Medical Imaging provides a comprehensive survey of the field of medical imaging informatics. In addition to radiology, it also addresses other specialties such as pathology, cardiology, dermatology, and surgery, which have adopted the use of digital images. The book discusses basic...

Pests and Pathogens: Management Strategies

Vudem D. Reddy, Poduri N. Rao, Khareedu V. Rao
July 12, 2011

The need and demand to feed the ever-increasing global population pose major challenges for increasing crop productivity in an eco-friendly manner. The cultivation of crops under input-intensive conditions has however resulted in an enhanced vulnerability of high-yielding cultivars to a multitude...

Introduction to Bio-Ontologies

Peter N. Robinson, Sebastian Bauer
June 22, 2011

Introduction to Bio-Ontologies explores the computational background of ontologies. Emphasizing computational and algorithmic issues surrounding bio-ontologies, this self-contained text helps readers understand ontological algorithms and their applications. The first part of the book defines...