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Biotic Type Antioxidants: the prospective search area for novel chemical drugs

Gennady Zaikov, Parfenov
May 25, 2000

The discovery of molecular and cellular mechanisms of pathology, together with the present data on drug treatment result in enhanced drug design and testing. The known mechanisms of biological activity as displayed by ascorbic acid and other natural reductones are the reason that they are...

Statistical Genomics: Linkage, Mapping, and QTL Analysis

Ben Hui Liu
December 29, 1997

Genomics, the mapping of the entire genetic complement of an organism, is the new frontier in biology. This handbook on the statistical issues of genomics covers current methods and the tried-and-true classical approaches....

Computer Operation for Microscope Photometry

H. J. Swatland
November 25, 1997

Suitable for both microscopists seeking computer skills and PC enthusiasts interested in light microscopy, this interdisciplinary text explores the capabilities of the computer-assisted light microscope. Written in clear, simple language, the book explains how computer technology expands the...

Internet for Scientists

B. F. O'Donnell
November 01, 1997


Author's Handbook of Styles for Life Science Journals

Michel Atlas
November 08, 1995

Let the Author's Handbook of Styles for Life Science Journals save you time and trouble by providing a one-stop resource for all your manuscript writing requirements. No more plowing through your journal collection or wandering the library stacks to get those elusive journal pages containing...

Introduction to Computational Biology: Maps, Sequences and Genomes

Michael S. Waterman
June 01, 1995

Biology is in the midst of a era yielding many significant discoveries and promising many more. Unique to this era is the exponential growth in the size of information-packed databases. Inspired by a pressing need to analyze that data, Introduction to Computational Biology explores a new area of...

Telematics for Health: The Role of Telehealth and Telemedicine in Homes and Communities

Marjorie Gott
December 01, 1994

Electronic communications are already revolutionizing the delivery of health care in homes and communities. The medium will have increasing impact on the delivery of health care in response to the pressure to use limited resources cost-effectively. To date much of telematics in health care has...

High-Performance Computing in Biomedical Research

Theo C. Pilkington, Bruce Loftis, Thomas Palmer, Thomas F. Budinger
September 24, 1992

Leading researchers have contributed state-of-the-art chapters to this overview of high-performance computing in biomedical research. The book includes over 30 pages of color illustrations. Some of the important topics featured in the book include the following:...

Structuring Biological Systems: A Computer Modeling Approach

S. Sitharama Iyengar
April 30, 1992

Structuring Biological Systems focuses on the important components of biological systems in order to develop genetic algorithms for modeling purposes. The book considers the characteristics of biological systems from the artificial intelligence point of view, examines modeling examples of complex...

DNA Profiling

Simon Easteal, Neil McLeod, Ken Reed
November 25, 1991


Molecular Description of Biological Membrane Components by Computer Aided Conformational Analysis, Volume II

Robert Brasseur
September 25, 1990

The goal of these two volumes is to help fill the gap between theory and experiment in membrane science. This is the only work available today which covers the domain of computer-aided conformational analyses of membranes. Written in a detailed, yet comprehensive manner, this book uses the...