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NDMU Launches Online Master of Science in Risk Management

  • Mar 05, 2019 |

    Business interruption, market developments, cyber incidents, natural catastrophes, changes in legislation and regulation, macroeconomic developments, fire and explosion, political risks and violence, loss of reputation or brand value, changing budget priorities, and new technologies are but a few of the reasons why organizations around the globe brace themselves against an era of greater uncertainty. Expand your career advancement potential with the online M.S. in Risk Management degree from Notre Dame of Maryland University. Whether you have experience in business, government, education, non-governmental organizations or non-profits, this program employs a diverse curriculum to enhance your risk analysis skills, regardless of your professional experience. As a student, you’ll explore an original curriculum founded on principles of risk analysis with an outstanding faculty of educators who have years of experience in the field. You will develop expertise in the essentials of risk management, risk assessment and risk communication as you build viable skills for decision-making under uncertainty that are crucial for leadership positions.

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