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  • Nov 07, 2017 |
    Pleased to share publication of my article "Integrating Offshore Centers and the Head Office (Part 2)" on "ProjectManagement.com":
    A major challenge faced by Offshore Centers of global companies is that they are being offloaded mostly peripheral projects, while the core projects are still being executed in the Head Office (HO). Hence, contributions of offshore centers to parent company's revenues/profits is limited and the lack of work challenges also makes it difficult to hire, retain, and motivate capable and experienced professionals. My article suggests techniques for managers in Offshore Centers  to convince HO to offshore large, core, and complex projects.
    The first article of the series had suggested management techniques for managers in the HO:
    As companies offshore large and core projects, it may dilute the authority and responsibilities of the managers in the HO, who end up managing smaller teams at the HO. These HO managers may feel that their authority and span of control over the teams has been significantly reduced. They start feeling insecure about slowly losing all their projects and authority. My article "Integrating Offshore Centers and the Head Office" suggests techniques to address these insecurities by assigning these HO managers new and additional offshoring-related roles and responsibilities. This will not only prevent the dilution of their authority, but also make their role more critical to the company and will significantly enhance their contributions.
    These articles are excerpted from my book "Leading and Motivating Global Teams: Integrating Offshore Centers and the Head Office":
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