Dr. John L. Gustafson is an applied physicist and mathematician. He is a former Director at Intel Labs and former Chief Product Architect at AMD. A pioneer in high-performance computing, he introduced cluster computing in 1985 and first demonstrated scalable massively parallel performance in 1988; the principal he used is now known as Gustafson's law, for which he won the inaugural ACM Gordon Bell Prize. He is also a recipient of the IEEE Computer Society's Golden Core award.
BS with Honors, Caltech; MS and PhD, Iowa State University
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
High performance computing, parallel computing, computer arithmetic, computational physics, numerical analysis, computer architecture, software engineering, simulations, algorithms, distributed systems
Personal Interests
Avid keyboard musician who has built harpsichords and played piano since age 4. Origami, gardening, swimming, woodworking, and console video gaming.