I have been an active member within the computing-education community for over three decades. Major activities include curricular development, innovative pedagogy, textbook writing, teaching, and service. Since 1974, I have been on the faculty at Grinnell College, currently as the Samuel R. and Marie-Louise Rosenthal Professor of Natural Science and Mathematics, and Professor of Computer Science. During some leaves and summers, I have taught 8 semesters at the University of Texas at Austin. Internationally, I have been a guest faculty member at Nanjing University in China and Unitec in New Zealand.

Before this book, I wrote 8 undergraduate textbooks, published by Jones and Bartlett, Health Publishers, Little Brown, Scott Foresmann, and Winthrop Publishers (affiliated with Prentice Hall). I also have written several dozen articles on computing education, write columns on Classroom Vignettes and Curricular Syncopations for ACM Inroads, and serve as an Associate Editor for ACM Inroads.  I have been actively involved with the Advanced Placement program over the years, first in mathematics and then computer science --- I just finished my 33rd year grading AP exams (6 calculus, 27 computer science), and I served on the AP CS A Development Committee 2010-2013.  

I am a past Chair of the Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), and I was awarded the 2013 SIGCSE Award for Lifetime Service to Computer Science Education.

Over the years, I have actively participated in the development of Model Curricula for a Liberal Arts Degree in Computer Science, prepared by the Liberal Arts Computer Science Consortium; I chaired Pedagogy Focus Group 2 on Supporting Courses for Computing Curricula 2001; I chaired a Program Student Group on Computing and Computational Science for the Mathematical Association of America in 2012; and I helped prepare an invited report on the role of mathematics in computer science for the ACM/IEEE-CS Task for Computing Curricula 2013.  I also have been actively involved with consulting with faculty and schools on computing education, and I recently completed my 35th external review of a departmental program.
A.B. Magna cum Laude with Highest Honors in Mathematics, Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts, June 1969
Ph. D. in Mathematics, M. I. T., Cambridge, Massachusetts, June, 1973
M. S. in Computer Science, Univeristy of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, June 1979
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Computer science education, curricula, pedagogy, teaching and learning, collaborative learning, lab-based pedagogy, algorithms, theory of computation, Web-based applications.
Personal Interests
I follow a regular program of exercise --- walking regularly (about an hour a day during weekdays with friends), and playing racquetball (about twice a week, as my schedule permits).  Also, I enjoy music, particularly singing and playing guitar.