His industrial work focused on numerical computational techniques for industrial finite element analysis and captured in the NASTRAN Numerical methods handbook.  He pioneered the introduction of several techniques that became de-facto industrial standards and his book about one of those topics,  titled The Lanczos method,  has also been published in Chinese, Japanese and Hungarian. Both of these books are used in the industry and in academia worldwide.
He also worked on the solution of rotor dynamics analysis problems with the finite element method and on the mathematical solutions of structural topology optimization.
During the years he also taught as adjunct lecturer and visiting professor at various Southern California colleges and universities in the area of numerical analysis, linear algebra and finite element analysis.
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Finite element analysis, numerical analysis, linear algebra, calculus of variations.
Personal Interests
History and evolution of mathematical and physical concepts. Along this interest he also wrote several mathematical books (Three of life, World of five, Magnificent seven, Nature's twelve) and a physical trilogy (Wheels in the sky, Cycles of time, Gravity's mysteries). These are popular science level and accessible by the everyday reader.