F. J. Duarte is a research physicist based in Western New York, USA.  He graduated with first-class honors in physics from Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia), where he was also awarded a PhD in physics for his research on optically-pumped molecular lasers.  At Macquarie, he was a student of the well-known quantum physicist J. C. Ward.  Duarte is the author of the generalized multiple-prism dispersion theory, has made various unique contributions to the physics and architecture of tunable laser oscillators, and has pioneered the use of Dirac’s quantum notation in classical optics.  These contributions have found applications in the design of laser resonators, laser pulse compression, imaging, microscopy, medicine, and the nuclear industry.   He is author and editor of Dye Laser Principles, High-Power Dye Lasers,  Selected Papers on Dye Lasers, Tunable Lasers Handbook, and Tunable Laser Applications.  He is also the author of Tunable Laser Optics and Quantum Optics for Engineers.  Dr. Duarte has received the Engineering Excellence Award (1995) and the David Richardson Medal (2016), from the Optical Society.  He is a Fellow of both The Australian Institute of Physics and the Optical Society.
Macquarie University
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
First Class Honours in Physics and PhD in Physics