Alex began work as a computer artist in the early 90s working for Atari on an unreleased Atari Jaguar game called Black Ice White Noise. From here he continued to work in the games industry learning 3d software on an SGI Indigo 2 located at a Paper Role Playing Game company in Berkeley California. Alex also spent a year in Canada working on a Disney movie before returning to the Bay Area to work at an out source studio producing art for many major publishers in the Games Industry. Afterward Alex began work building game prototypes for Microsoft in both Unreal and Unity. Today he's working with a new startup focused on computer vision and what games can do if they can see the world around you.
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Building new methods of interaction with virtual objects and solving for general VR and AR activities using depth sensors and computer vision.
Personal Interests
I like making things with servos, stepper motors, and wires. I also discovered sewing machines have gas pedals to make things faster. I'm also learning a few new programming languages since I'm starting to do more mobile development.