Frank serendipitously encountered the concept of nanotechnology on the internet in ~1996 and immediately become fascinated with its virtually limitless potential, particularly as relates to the field of medicine. He passionately proceeded to autodidactically absorb knowledge on almost every aspect of nanotechnology and nanomedicine and began to evolve, and textually articulate, a number of advanced concepts and designs for near-term (~3 to 5 years) and longer-term (~10 to 20 years) nanomedical components, devices, and systems. Concomitantly, he initiated correspondence-based relationships with myriad research scientists and thought leaders from across the globe, in the disciplines of nanotechnology and nanomedicine. Frank has since generated a number of publications spanning diverse topics such as nanotechnology in environmental applications, nanocoatings, nanoadhesives and the concept of DNA based nanomanufacturing, in addition to his ongoing conceptualization and development of nanomedical platforms. He secured a position for two years as a nanotechnology consultant, tech scout and product designer for a Swiss based company and travelled extensively in the performance of this work.  

In recognizing the immense potential of nanomedicine to impart positive paradigm shifts across the medicine domain (e.g., precisely targeted drug delivery, vascular and neurological plaque removal, completely non-invasive surgical procedures, physiological systems and longevity enhancement) he was deeply motivated to write more extensively on the topic. In 2005, he garnered a published contract with CRC Press, and over the ensuing eight years compiled a book manuscript (along with seven contributing authors) entitled: Nanomedical Device and Systems Design, Challenges, Possibilities, Visions (due for publication Nov/22/13). In parallel, he has managed to engage the interest of several researchers in the US and Canada in his nanomedical concepts, and in 2009 he formed the startup, NanoApps Medical, Inc., The aim of this company will be to investigate and develop advanced, innovative and cost effective nanomedical diagnostic and therapeutic devices and systems for the benefit of individuals in both the developing and developed worlds.  
Technical College - Mechanical Drafting and Design
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Nanotechnology and nanomedicine in environmental applications
Nanotechnology and nanomedicine in aerosspace/space applications
Nanotechnology and nanomedicine in domestic/commercial/industrial
Personal Interests
New Technologies Conceptualization, Reading, Music Composition/Performance, Art, Travel, Hiking, Biking