Educated at Purdue University, he learned the details and disciplined applications of lean principles, habits, and tools from both the Shingijutsu Sensei and their first generation disciples.  Working in both shop floor and above the shop floor areas, Ron has vigorously strived to remove waste from businesses through the involvement and ideas of the people doing the work

Ron has consulting experience in the healthcare sector (US and Canada Health Systems including primary care, acute care, and community applications of both clinical and back shop improvement), the commercial sector (administration, manufacturing, distribution, supply chain, engineering), and the public sector (US Army, US Navy, US Air Force including MRO, Pentagon, and Surgeon General Assignments).

Ron is also a recognized author, published in November 2011, with the release of his book entitled, “Taking Improvement from the Assembly Line to Healthcare” detailing the application of the Toyota Production system to the healthcare industry.  The book was recently awarded a 2013 Shingo Reasearch Award..

A sample of Ron’s results and skills in world class improvement of performance and culture include:

o Instituted a Fast Track Ambulatory ED flow with a reduction in LOS of 35% for CTAS 4 and 5 patients.
o Established a D/C cleaning process that decreased the bed turnaround time from 100 minutes to less than 50 minutes.
o Developed pre-operative standard work procedures for the physician clinics, pre-admission testing, surgical pre-op department, and the OR resulting in a 70% decrease in same day surgical cancellations, a 12% reduction in staff hours worked and a 20% reduction in turnover time.
o Reduced average patient visit time for an Orthopedic Surgeon clinic from 187 minutes to 55 minutes leading to a 20% increase in billable visits, while increasing patient satisfaction.

o Lead the entire conversion of manufacturing plant from a traditional manufacturing system to a lean system resulting in the plant profitability improving from a negative $1.8 million to an operating profit of $218K in year 1 and $1.2 M in year 2.
o Using six sigma and root cause problem solving methodology delivered results including a 54% reduction in defects per unit, and a 35% reduction in warranty returns.
o Coordinated an inventory reduction process and pull system that resulted in a 100% improvement in working capital,  a 30% reduction in floor space and an increase of $15 million in cash flow.
B.S. Industrial Engineering, Purdue University 1986
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Managing Partner - Lorain County Ironmen Baseball,  a member of the Prospect League