Functional Management and Consulting experience with major corporations. Have been exposed to a variety of situations, which have all forged a deep understanding of the issues governing the Management of Change by Projects.
Professional Career spanning forty years, have held responsibility for a significant number of projects. These have involved internal organisational projects, and external commercial projects, ranging in duration from 1 month to 5 years, and in budget from $ 50k to $ 500m. Also participated in many projects as team leader of sub-systems and on numerous occasions as an external advisor to the lead project manager.
PMP and Professional Speaker, Instructor and Lecturer in topics ranging from General Organisational, Programme and Project Management to Sales & Marketing, Leadership and Motivation. In the practice of my consulting and education profession I have worked with more than 80 different nationalities in more than 60 nations in all continents. Fluent in English, French, Spanish and Italian.
Author of the book "Project Management – Concepts, Methods & Techniques", and educational courses and papers on Business Solutions, Management of Change by Projects, Organisational Management & Leadership.
Member of the International Project Management Association and the Project Management Institute.