Lonnie Lowery, Ph.D., RD is a professor of nutrition and exercise physiology of eleven years, and President of Nutrition, Exercise and Wellness Associates Ltd. With formal training in both exercise physiology and nutrition from Kent State University, San Diego State University and the Cleveland Clinic, he has published in academic and research settings on various sports nutrition topics such as dietary proteins, fats, antioxidants, dietary supplements and overtraining.  Dr. Lowery has also served as an educational, scientific and product development consultant for a number of large dietary supplement companies such as Met Rx, Bodyonics-Pinnacle and Biotest Laboratories. As an award-winning mentor and educator, Dr. Lowery has written hundreds of lay articles for the strength and fitness communities (across essentially all major fitness magazines and several popular web sites) and co-hosts www.IronRadio.org, a free educational and consumer advocacy podcast on iTunes that reaches over 18,000 listeners each month.
Ph.D., RD, LD
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
dietary protein and resistance exercise, dietary fats, dietary supplements, caffeine and explosive muscular performance
Personal Interests
music, travel, writing, advocating for science in general, fantasy literature, bodybuilding