In 1972, she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a minor in microbiology and chemistry from Oklahoma State University. After serving as an officer in the Air Force for three years, she returned to school and earned a Master of Science de¬gree (1979) in Industrial Hygiene from the College of Engineering at Texas A&M University. In the wake of the DBCP toxic effects of petrochemical workers, her thesis research topic was “EDB and Its Effect on the Male Reproductive System.”  

After graduating, Ms. Hess-Kosa became the thirteenth member and first female industrial hygiene consultant for Firemen’s Fund Insurance Companies in San Francisco, California. In 1983, Ms. Hess-Kosa tested for and passed the national AIHA certification exam, earned her designation as a Certified Industrial Hygienist. During her five years, she had the opportunity in addition to traditional industrial hygiene consulting to become involved in a variety of unique environ¬mental problems, including indoor air quality concerns in an 800-occupant of¬fice building, information gathering for performing environmental site as¬sessments, and waste management. In 1984, she returned to Texas and started her own private consulting firm which, after several name changes, is now Omega Environmental Consulting, Inc.

As a conventional industrial hygienist, Ms. Hess-Kosa evaluated hazardous substance and noise exposures to workers in industrial environments ranging from sawmills to foundries in both large and small operations. She has also assessed exposures to office occupants regarding such subjects asbestos, indoor air quality, and mold. Amongst her asbestos clients have been the radio station housing the ever-complaining Marvin Zindler (reporter best known from his closing of the Chicken Ranch, represented in the film The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas), in the home of Mr. Dolby (Dolby Stereo), and as part of a value engineering study of Pearl Harbor.    

Ms. Hess-Kosa’s first technical book was Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I after which she published Environmental Sampling for Unknowns, Indoor Air Quality: Sampling for Unknowns, Indoor Air Quality: The Latest in Sampling Methodologies with editions and more. She has also published several checklist books on environmental health and safety auditing.

Ms. Hess is an active outdoor enthusiast and world traveler. Adventure is her passion, and experiences are by design. Ms. Hess-Kosa has explored the remote recesses of rain forests, studied medicinal herbs, traveled solo into the Sahara dessert, SCUBA dived in wondrous underwater worlds, observed Shaman rituals and native traditions, escaped military threats on her life in Honduras, fought off/survived multiple thieves in Peru, braved whitewater rivers on bamboo rafts, rode elephants in Thailand, experienced the Namibia desserts and Himba tribes, completed the 350 mile Texas Water Safari, and many more.  She has also perfected her skills as a photographer and has a dedicated web site—Photographic Journeys.
Bachelor of Science in Biology (Minors in Microbiology and Chemistry), Oklahoma State University, Sillwater, OK 1972
Master of Science in Industrial Hygiene, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 1978
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Thesis: “EDB and Its Effect on the Male Reproductive System in Rats, Mice, and Rabbits”  
Personal Interests
SCUBA Diving- hide-and-seek with Sea Lions off coast of California

International Travel- off-the-beaten path (e.g., privately guided camel trek into the Sahara and privately guided jungle treasure adventure)

Photography- multiple awards (social document, landscape, and underwater)

Rock Climbing- technical rock climbing

Woodworking- furniture and exotic doors

Canoeing and Kayaking- Texas Water Safari Finisher (e.g., "survivor")

Martial Arts