Co-authored a book: “Compressor Instability with Integral Methods” by Springer (2007).
Co-edited 10 books on “Cardiac Pumping and Perfusion Engineering” by WSPC Press (2007); “Imaging and Modelling of Human Eye” by Artech House (2008); “Distributed Diagnosis and Home Healthcare, D2H2 v.1 & 3” by ASP (2009, 2012); “Performance Evaluation in Breast Imaging, Tumor Detection & Analysis” by ASP (2010); “Computational Analysis of Human eye with Applications” by WSPC (2011); “Multimodality Breast Imaging” by SPIE (2013); “Human eye imaging and modeling”, “Image Analysis and Modeling in Ophthalmology” & “Ophthalmology Imaging and Applications” by CRC (2013, 2014);  “Bio-inspired Surfaces and Applications” by WSP (2016); “Application of Infrared to Biomedical Sciences” by Springer (2017) and “Computation and Mathematical Methods in Cardiovascular Physiology” by WSP (in-press).

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EiC for J. of Medical Imaging & Health Informatives: ;

Co-EiC for J. of Mechanics in Medicine & Biology:
PhD, Cambridge Univ., England, 1992
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
He is the: Adjunct National University Hospital Scientist; the lead Editor-in-Chief for the ISI Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology for dissemination of original research in all fields of mechanics in medicine and biology since 2000; Founding Editor-in-Chief for the ISI indexed Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics; Strategy Assoc. Editor-in-Chief for World Journal of Clinical Oncology; associate editor of eight referred international journals including Int. J. of Rotating Machinery; Computational Fluid Dynamics J.; Chinese J. of Medicine; The Open Medical Informatics J.; J. of Biomedical Science and Engineering; The Open Numerical Methods J.; J. of Healthcare Engineering, and, guest editor for the Int. Journal of Computer Applications in Technology, Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine & Int. Journal of Medical Systems.  15 of his thermal imaging papers have been adopted as references in both Singapore Standard (SS 582: 2013) and ISO/TR 13154:2009 / IEC 80601-2-59: 2008. He is also presently serving as panel member for the Biomedical and Health Standards Committee, Singapore.
Personal Interests
His main area of research is thermal imaging, human physiology, biomedical engg; computational turbomachinery aerodynamics; microscale cooling problems; CFD/CHT.