I am Dr. Jeff Howard: Ludomancer, Technomage, and Occult Game Designer. I am Assistant Professor of Game Development and Design at Dakota State University, where I play a key role leading the narrative focus area in the Computer Game Design program.  I am also the author of Game Magic: A Game Designer’s Guide to Constructing Magic Systems and Quests: Design, Theory, and History in Games and Narratives (2008).  I have spoken at GDC Online on “Occult Game Design: An Initiation into Secrets and Mysteries” and the Singapore-M.I.T. Gambit Game Lab on “Magic Systems in Theory and Practice,” as well as participating in panels at George Mason University and the University of Connecticut.  I am also the program committee chair for the Workshop on Integrated Design in Games (IDIG), an annual conference that has hosted such eminent speakers as Ken Rolston, Richard Dansky, Matt Forbeck, and Chris Pruett.
Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin, 2007
B.A., University of Tulsa, Tulsa, 2000
M.A., University of Texas, Austin, 2002
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Game design
Game development
Game magic
Narrative design
Game writing
Personal Interests
Videogames, reading, music, movies