In Edinburgh Napier University Stephen works as an internal consultant, facilitating and running interventions, from "process reviews" to more tailored workshops; convening an internal community of practice; and delivering support and advice informally and formally in terms of consultancy, coaching and training.

Externally to the University he chairs Lean HE, the international organisation for continuous improvement in universities (see: ). Lean HE awards an international conference annually, and operates three continental divisions, each of which organises a programme for universities in their regions.

He is an experienced speaker, trainer, coach, working with senior leaders on facilitation and change.

In previous roles he has worked with a number of Universities, including establishing the 'Lean team' in the University of St Andrews where he co-designed the Lean 'St Andrews Model' and established their internationally successful consultancy service.
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Stephen's professional expertise focuses on lean and related methodologies, as they are applied in Higher Education.

Stephen is also recognised as an expert on facilitation and has developed, in partnership with Svein Are Tjeltnes at UiT the Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø, a model for facilitation and associated training.