Brought up and Educated in beautiful surroundings of Kashmir Valley, obtained Postgraduate degree in 1968 and Doctorate degree in 1975 from University of Kashmir. During this period made extensive exploration of Kashmir Himalayas and difficult terrains of Ladakh. Migrated to Delhi and Joined teaching at SGTB Khalsa College, University of Delhli, retired in 2010 as Associate Professor. During this period contributed in enriching Herbarium, Botanical Garden and Computer facilities, developing several payroll and accounting softwares. Was priviliged to be appointed Convenor of Golden Jubilee Celebrations in 2001-02 and as Bursar of the College.
   After retirement made extensive explorations of North West Himalayas, actively involved in various online social platforms helping and guiding in the the identification of plants and contributing photographs of duly identified plants to various online databases.
   Married to a computer professional who made a beginning from Main Frame Computers and Punched Cards and kept up pace with electronic advancement. She developed my interests in computers and software development. Our two sons are Engineering professionals, elder settled in California USA married to a Biotech professional, with two lovely daughters. Younger son married to an IT Professional is settled in Canada.
  During last decade have explored floristics and natural attractions of California on various visits, large number of photographs from the area find their place find place in International Editions of my book on Plant Systematics and in CD ROM of Third Edition.
M. Sc. Botany, University of Kashmir, 1968
Ph.D,, Botany, University of Kashmir, 1975
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Practicing Taxonomist, Floristic and Phytosociological Studies of NW Himalayas, particularly Kashmir. Online Identification of Plants, contributing to online databases.
Personal Interests
Great passion for Photography especially directed towards nature, landscapes and flowering plants. interacting in Online Social Groups especially those devoted to identification of plants. Stitching photographs and video clips into  dynamic slideshows and presenting to friends on special occasions. Contributing duly identified images to online databases.