Heidi M. Mansour, PhD, RPh, is a tenured Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the College of Pharmacy with joint faculty appointments in the BIO5 Research Institute and the College of Medicine in the Division of Translational and Regenerative Medicine at The University of Arizona (UA) in Tucson, Arizona. Dr. Mansour has faculty member affiliations in the UA Institute of the Environment, and the UA NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center. She lectures in the BS Pharmaceutical Sciences undergraduate program, the Pharm.D. professional program and in the Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics track of the graduate program at The University of Arizona. In addition to teaching, Dr. Mansour serves as Faculty Advisor in the Pharm.D./PhD Dual Degree Joint Program and Director of the Pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics track in the Pharmaceutical Sciences graduate program in The UA College of Pharmacy. Dr. Mansour has published over 80 peer-reviewed scientific journal papers, 9 book chapters, 2 edited books, and over 100 scientific conference abstracts. She serves on the editorial advisory boards of the the Royal Society of Chemistry Molecular Systems Design & Engineering, APhA/FIP Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Pharmaceutical Technology.

Dr. Mansour is an annual Faculty Instructor at ISAM (International Society of Aerosols in Medicine) Aerosol School, instructor in two online webinars on inhalation aerosol drug delivery, and instructor in Buchi Advanced Spray Drying short courses. She was recently Co-Chair of the Drug Delivery: New Devices & Emerging Therapies Group in (ISAM, and has been an expert member of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) NICHD U.S. Pediatric Formulations Initiative New Drug Delivery Systems Aerosols Working Group for several years. Dr. Mansour currently serves on the Drug/Device Discovery and Development (DDDD) Committee of the American Thoracic Society (ATS). She regularly serves as an expert reviewer for scientific journals and grant funding agencies including NIH study sections; Department of Defense (DOD) study panels; National Science Foundation (NSF) study panels; the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS); Catalent Drug Delivery Institute; and international funding agencies such as the German-Israeli Foundation, German International Exchange Service (DAAD), Cochrane Airways Group of the National Health Service (London, England), Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (London, England), PRESTIGE Postdoc Fellowship Programme of the European Commission (Paris, France), and the Biomedical Innovation Program of the French National Research Agency (Paris, France).

In addition to serving on NSF study panels, NIH study sections, and international study panels in the European Union and Great Britain, her innovative research program continuously attracts competitive funding awards from federal sources (NIH, NSF, FDA, DOD) and the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to lecturing in the BS Pharmaceutical Sciences undergraduate, PhD graduate, and Pharm. D. professional programs, Dr. Mansour leads her research labs where she trains postdoctoral scholars, visiting scholars, visiting professors, graduate students, Pharm. D. student researchers, and physician-scientist (MD/PhD) fellows. As Major Professor and mentor, her research program has successfully graduated several PhDs. Her innovative research program has produced assistant professors employed at research universities in the United States and in the Republic of South Korea, and senior research scientists employed at major pharmaceutical companies in the United States.

Dr. Mansour is an active, long-time member of several scientific organizations and elected member to honor societies, including the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Honor Society, Rho Chi Pharmaceutical Honor Society, and Golden Key International Honor Society. As a registered pharmacist for over 20 years, she earned her BS in pharmacy with honors and distinction, a PhD minor in advanced physical and interfacial chemistry (Department of Chemistry), and a PhD major in drug delivery/pharmaceutics (School of Pharmacy) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Also at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she was a clinical instructor for a few years. Having completed postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and at the University of North Carolina (UNC)-Chapel Hill, she was awarded the UNC-Chapel Hill Postdoctoral Award for Research Excellence from the Office of the Vice-Chancellor, the AAPS Postdoctoral Fellow Award in Research Excellence, and the PhRMA Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship Award. As an Instructor, she served on the Graduate Faculty at UNC-Chapel Hill.
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Research Interests:
Cystic fibrosis
Inhaled medical aerosols
Lung transplantation
Pulmonary hypertension
Nanotechnology and nanomedicine
Lung surfactant and respiratory distress syndrome
Infectious diseases
Acute lung injury
CNS and brain neurotherapeutics
Inhaled medical aerosols and inhaler devices
Advanced drug delivery systems
Drug-device combination products
In vitro USP/FDA performance testing
In vitro 2-D/3-D human cellular models for drug transport
In vivo animal models for PK/PD