Robert Splinter has built his career as a scientist and engineering-technology manager in bio-medical engineering. Dr. Splinter has dedicated his work to resolve medical (clinical) and biological issues by investigating the development of novel diagnostic techniques and treatment methods using all the aspects of the broad field of applied physics and engineering. In his work he has had to rely on the fact that physics is generally non-linear and dynamic when applied to the 3-D anatomy and functionality of living biological systems, which makes the research aspect all the more challenging and interesting.

Due to the continuously increasing clinical demands for additional details as well as a higher degree of accuracy of diagnostic and therapeutic instrument performance he co-founded several companies in biomedical engineering and worked for several established medical device companies. In addition Dr. Splinter has worked in clinical settings, prototyping and validating devices using the full practical and theoretical knowledge of physics, biology and engineering. In an effort to share his experience he holds a position as Associate Professor (Adj.) at the Department of Physics and Optical Science of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
PhD Biomedical Engineering; VU Amsterdam
MSc Engineering Physics; TU/e, Eindhoven
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Engineering Physics applied to Medical applications and Device design