I am a veterinarian board certified in laboratory animal medicine with expertise in nonhuman primate medicine and management. I completed a three year postdoctoral fellowship in laboratory animal medicine at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and have managed the nonhuman primate colony at UIC since 2003. UIC has housed 7 different species of Old World and New World primates during my tenure, which have been used for a diverse array of experimental protocols including transplantation, toxicology, endometriosis, infectious disease, and neurodegenerative disease. In addition to clinical responsibilities, I am the director of educational resources and coordinate graduate-level courses, training classes for AALAS certification, and one-on-one clinical training in primate medicine for future laboratory animal veterinarians through the veterinary student externship and postdoctoral fellowship programs offered at UIC.
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
My areas of professional interest are pathology, anesthesia and analgesia, and medical management of traumatic injuries and experimentally-induced conditions in nonhuman primates.
Personal Interests
Yoga, bicycle commuting, and trying out new recipes are part of my daily routine. I enjoy travel, especially to parts of the world that have great hiking trails. I also spend time reading with multiple cats on my lap.