Kalpana Sengar is a Biotechnologist, Innovator, Inventor and Entrepreneur, specialist in plant biotechnology, Environment Sustainability,  and food nutritional Security Policies, she  is Founder & Research Director of the Biosense Lifecare Technologies, which is recognized by Department of  Science and Technology, Government of India and Indian Institute of Management Kolkata under Smartfifty Initiative Competition, Her Company Biosense  Lifecare Technologies  is Cohort of  AIRSWEEE Programme supported by the US Mission in India, US Department of State and NITI Ayog Gov. of India.
She is involved in a number of activities that foster information exchange and dialogue on environmental issues, agriculture practices and nutritional security. She has designed   lectures for students, farmers and researchers on agriculture, biotechnology, phytomedicines and  Environment and Sustainability. She coordinates and conducts workshop and Independent courses which facilitates better understanding of advance  innovative technique in agriculture to enhance economy and employability of farmers and rural urban youth and economic empowerment of  women.
She has been awarded national Women Scientist  fellowship in 2010-14 by DST for  research project “Association mapping and functional genomic analysis for salinity tolerance in sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.)”. In 2009, she has received  the Best Report award by bioinfo bank library,  Poland  for her work on Heat shock protein as biomarker for high altitude stress tolerance. In March 2018, she has received the Young biotechnologist Award by Society for Scientific & Social Development India, for her research work Eco-friendly Biomaterial and bio-fertilizer using mycelium technology. She has been honored with the Young Scientist Award by Bioved Agriculture and Research Society India in Feb 2018.  
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Her core expertise areas covers Plant Biotechnology main research crops  Sugarcane, Rice, Maize and  Beans,  Crop stress physiology,  Environmental change, human food and nutritional  security, sustainability, climate change, and Environmental policies etc. She manages  independent research projects with public private  and government collaboration and support. She has published books with international publishers on Climate Change, Sugarcane biotechnology, Biochemistry etc. She has published more than 40 research and review papers on heavy metal stress effect on crops, Plant tissue culture, Genomics plant physiology and metabolism in high impact International Journals and made presentations on these at international conferences.
Personal Interests
Indian Classical Dance, music and painting,  observing and contemplating diversity of life and system of nature,  documentary film making, wildlife activist  and works for social and environmental causes.