Nathan Tierney began his career as a U.S. Navy Rescue Swimmer in 1993 where he was awarded our nation’s highest peacetime medal for heroism for an at sea rescue. After five years of distinguished service in the Navy, he was selected for transfer and served 14 years as a Warrant Officer in the Army, where his exceptional motivation and integrity propelled him to excellence in Special Operations. Twice nominated for White House Fellowship, he authored various policies on behalf of Veterans, and the Returning Warriors to the Workplace Initiative. His military career culminated as the Chief of Standardization and Tactical Operations leading the technological development, and implementation of a $250 million change management program for over 29,000 personnel to create a Common Operating Picture (COP), and shift the organization towards a knowledge-centric culture. The interoperable technology solution enhanced situation awareness by providing real-time personnel and equipment status, secure communication, health information and predictive modeling to improve decision-making.

After his service in the military, he continued this record of achievement in the private sector. He has provided concrete strategies, standardization and process improvement within various companies. Since 2015, he has further dedicated his life to those in the service, as a Director of Value Management within the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. He leads his Value Management team to address Congressional and General Accountability Office (GAO) findings, provide governance, and measure value for VA portfolios focused on outcome-oriented results for Veterans.  He is a recognized subject matter expert in Value Management and performance measurement methodologies.  Most recently, inspired by his son’s medical journey, he has led a team of active citizens to create an application focused on transparency in healthcare through outcomes measurement.
A Father's Perspective -
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Healthcare, analytics, information technology, process improvement, business process reengineering, and value management
Personal Interests
Spending time with my wife and children. Currently, in the process of teaching my 4 year old and 1 year old daughter how to swim which has been amazing opportunity to connect with each of them.