I specialize in the increasingly complex world of risk and security, from managing the risks of natural disasters, say, to counter-terrorism, to controlling the risks of war.

In every case, I cut across the political, economic, and legal issues (counter-terrorism is the easiest illustration). I am inter-disciplinary by training (from hard sciences to history to social science) and experience (formally in policy science, political science, management science, and interdisciplinary international/global studies).

I am a social scientist by training and choice, and I oppose the slide of the disciplinary social sciences away from science. I practice and teach evidence-based research, replicability, logical arguments, critical thinking, and testable theories.

I am an applied researcher by choice. I do not care for abstract theorizing or subjective opinions, only for applied evidence-based research that is useful in the field.
International Strategic Studies, PhD, University of Reading
International Relations, MA, University of Pennsylvania
War Studies, BA (Hons.), Kings College London
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
counter-terrorism, emergency management, international conflict, international security, national security, risk management, security management, social scientific methods, research skills, analytical skills