Dr. Lara Scheherazade Milane joined Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine (Las Cruces, New Mexico) in 2016 as founding faculty in the Biomedical Sciences Department.  Dr. Milane received her training as an NCI/NSF Nanomedicine Fellow at Northeastern University, Boston, MA.  Dr. Milane has a PhD in Pharmaceutical Science with specializations in Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery Systems (Northeastern University, Boston, MA).  She also received her MS in Biology and BS in Neuroscience from Northeastern University.  

Dr. Milane is an intuitive cancer biologist and has distinguished three emerging hallmarks of cancer (plasticity, heterogeneity, and stemness/quiescence).  Dr. Milane’s research interests are in cancer biology, mitochondrial medicine, and translational nanomedicine.  Dr. Milane is interested in developing clinically translatable targeted nanomedicine therapies for cancer treatment.  She teaches in the medical program and in the post-baccalaureate program and has developed innovative team based learning and flipped classroom sessions.

Dr. Milane is an advocate for women in the sciences and is a pioneer for outreach.  Dr. Milane has 18 peer reviewed journal publications, 5 book chapters, and 3 white papers.    
PhD, Northeastern University, Boston, MA 2010
MS, Northeastern University, Boston, MA 2006
BS, Northeastern University, Boston, MA 2003
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
□ Cancer Biology
□ Nanomedicine
□ Targeted Drug Delivery
□ Mitochondrial Medicine
Personal Interests
□ Cancer Biology and Nanomedicine
□      Mitochondria
□      Exosomal Biology
□      Interdisciplinary Research Collaborations
□ Team Based Learning and Peer Evaluation
□ Advocate for Women in the Sciences
□ Community Outreach/Education