Khubab graduated from National Textile University in February 2010, majoring in Fabric Manufacturing (weaving). He started working with Diamond Fabrics Limited as Assistant Weaving Manager in March 2010. The November 2012 was turning point in his career, when he left the textile industry job and got affiliated with National Textile University as Lecturer in Weaving Department. Meanwhile, he also completed his Masters in Textile Engineering from National Textile University in Sep 2014. The area of research was natural fiber reinforced functional composites. Currently he is doing his PhD, focusing on the resin flow in liquid composite molding techniques.
MSc, National Textile University, 2014
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Weaving: PPC, weave designs, multilayered fabrics, 3D fabrics
Composites: Natural fiber composites, ageing, nanocomposites
Personal Interests