Charles E. Goslin is a retired Central Intelligence  Agency operations officer who served throughout
the world in a career that bridged both covert technical and human intelligence operations. He continues actively consulting in retirement on international intelligence, security, and risk challenges faced by multinational corporations operating in some of the world’s most hostile regions.  Charles’  experience offers unique value for the business traveler that must, out of necessity, venture into “Indian country.”  His perspective is one drawn from years working in the trenches of the third world, rather than the relative comfort of a Washington office.

Charles has authored and published numerous white papers on the security threat and business risk, and is an acknowledged expert in the area of terrorism and radicalization.  He lectures regularly at universities and business groups on this, and other security and intelligence-related topics.  Charles has worked abroad in India, Africa, Central and South America, Europe, and the Middle East with personal extensive experience in crisis management and evacuation of facilities and personnel on numerous occasions.   His expertise has been solicited by national media, both broadcast and print.
B.A., University of Texas at Pan American, 1981
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Personal Security (Programs, Techniques and Training), Terrorism and Radicalization, Intelligence and Counterintelligence Programs and Analysis, Security and Business Risk, Threat Assessment and Analysis for Multinational Enterprise, Security Program Development and Management.
Personal Interests
Writing (professional and fiction), genealogy, fly fishing, and travel.