Thomas Pavelko worked for 37 years for Lockheed Aircraft and Lockheed Martin. He started as an engineer organizing and leading teams to develop embedded computer systems that performed critical flight control and data reduction functions. Eventually, he was promoted to the level of Program Director. He reported to a wide variety of divisions, including Satellites, Missile, R&D, Electronics, Propulsion, Advanced Astronautics, Commercial Space, Human Spaceflight, and the Skunk Works. During the latter part of his career, he was assigned to assist large commercial and government programs in trouble. For some of these, he became the new Program Manager. All the programs he led were completed successfully.
Physics, University of California
Special courses - leadership, management and business
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Project and Program Leadership
Leading solution of complex system/technical issues
Project and Program Planning
Public Speaking
Personal Interests
Help integrate new technologes with medicine. Write and perform music. Flight Instructor, Airline Transport Pilot